A presence in the midst of tranquility - Fuji Gallery -

The antique-like, tasteful tableware will instantly draw you in with its unique worldview. We spoke to the maker, Fuji Gallery, about the production process.

Although they are pottery, the pieces have the beauty of Western stone walls and the warmth of age. Fuji Gallery, which produces pottery in Chiba, studied graphic design at a design school, and then started making two-dimensional and three-dimensional art with wood and paint, and then taught himself pottery at home.

The pottery, which is created with the feeling that "it's fun to make," is based on a powerful shape that makes you feel like you're receiving something, and is combined with delicate patterns and colors to create a calm atmosphere while still being full of originality. No matter what angle you look at it from, it has a delicate and ephemeral beauty that will make you sigh.

The bright indigo and slightly pinkish white glazes are made by the artist himself. When you look at his work, you can see that he has paid attention to even the smallest details and finished it carefully. It feels like it will fit comfortably in your hand when you hold it in your daily life, and will create a warm and enjoyable time.

"Ceramics has many possibilities, and it's interesting because it's free and there's no set answer," he says. As he says, "I want to create works that are instantly recognizable as works from Fuji Gallery," and we look forward to seeing more of his works that will take us into a wonderful worldview!

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