gift wrapping

A present for your loved ones. I will wrap it with all my heart.
(Fee: 440 yen)

At our store, we handle many handmade vessels made by artists and potters. A work full of originality will surely please you with a special feeling. We will wrap it so that we can deliver the thoughts of the person who is sent!

Seasonal gift box

Put it in a box and deliver it carefully

The product is wrapped in a cushioning material called a mirror mat, and then finely shredded paper cushioning material is inserted into the package. We will use a high-class thick box.

seasonal gift box

Warm design wrapping

As a hanging paper, we use high-quality and tasteful Ogawa Japanese paper from Ogawa-machi, Saitama Prefecture. After wrapping, it is tied with soft silk tweed or soft mouton string. You can choose the color of "red", "blue" and "pink".

gift boxfour seasonsfour seasons

Instructions for each maker and care instructions included

To ensure that you can use your handcrafted works for a long time, we will include a “care method” with our ceramic products. In addition, we will include a shop card for all gifts so that we can introduce the creator and respond to any questions.

Seasonal gift wrapping

Message card (free)

If you wish, we will attach a message card free of charge.
message card
*Up to 50 characters can be printed.
*It is not provide message cards only.

We have a variety of box shapes available, so you can choose the one that suits your occasion.
seasonal gift
*We may not be able to accommodate small or oversized items in a box.
*Handbags are not provided.
*The price is for one gift wrapping.
*Items with written amounts such as receipts and statements of delivery are not enclosed.

◆◆How to use◆◆

To use, select `` Gift Wrapping '' under the ``Quantity'' button on each product page, and choose the color of the decorative string, ``red'', ``blue'' or ``pink''.

gift wrapping

If you would like a message card (free), please enter your message in the text box. The number of characters that can be printed is up to 50 characters for "address" + "text" + "sender's name".

gift wrapping

We will respond carefully so that we can deliver your thoughts. Please take advantage of it.