Overseas Shipping is Available !

Dear Overseas Customers,

Welcome to our Online Shop '' Shiki Oriori '' ! 

Our store name ''Shiki Oriori'' means enjoy each season. Because Japan has four distinct and beautiful four seasons, and at each time, a culture of enjoying life such as what to eat and what to wear has been nurtured. Therefore, various ingredients and food cultures and also tableware, living utensils that accompany them have been made. Our shop sells wonderful products made by Japanese ceramic artists and small kilns. We would like to deliver our high quality and unique Japanese hand-crafted potteries and porcelain to you from Japan.

Delivery to you Directly

Some specified countries, areas are available to purchase by online directly.
If you can not find your delivery places in checkout page, please contact us by E-mail ( info@shikioriori-store.com )
We are so happy to deliver to you!

How to deliver?

We will send it by EMS (Express Mail Service) mainly but it may choice by courier (DHL) in case more suitable for your area. Delivery fee will be calculated according to the weight and country / region. Total weight must be including much packing materials and the carton box to protect your items for long journey. So., those weight 1~2kg add to your products weight = Total weight. Please understand we will try do our best to deliver to you by safety.

**Not applicable COD and Paidy.

**If your places like Islands, remote areas where necessary extra delivery fees by delivery company or your items need to pack over several boxes., we may contact you adjust your shopping fees just in case.
**It is not available specify the date and time for overseas delivery. The free shipping service shipped within Japan is not applicable. 

Use Forwarding /Shipping Company, Anyone forward to your Country

If you want to save the cost, you would consider to use forwarding services. 
like tenso.com as follows:

Shop and ship from Japan

※ Forwarding company is different company. So, you need to check any fees and conditions with them directly. All conditions should be follows forwarding/Shipping company. 

Please select " Use Forwarding Company to Overseas " when you choose ''Shipping '' and fill in address in Japan where shipping company gives you in the checkout page. We will try pack with extra cushioning material so that it can withstand impact more than usual practice. Delivery fees: JPY1,400 
Please kindly understand that we will not take any responsible once deliver to your shipping/ forwarding company or your friends, someone in Japan, incase any damage and lost etc. 

Import & Custom Tax
You are to bear the import duty and all other local expenses if any.

Refund or Return
After send out your items, we will not accept a refund basically. But in case any damage or lost, it will cover by guarantees of EMS or couriers companies.  In case we send it to you directly.  If you find your package has any damages please contact us within 2 days (72hours) upon arrival.

overseas shipping

Wholesale in Overseas 

We are very welcome to be bridge wonderful Japanese products to the world !
We will have some discounts for wholesale in out side of Japan.
Please contact us If your shop is interested in our products.

If you have any inquiries., please do not hesitate contact us!
We look forward to hearing from you.

Mona from owner of '' Shiki Oriori Online Store''