About us

Hello. It is four seasons (shikioriori).

 An online store launched by a married couple with the concept of "a time to enjoy the changing of the four seasons" with the desire to deliver pottery, porcelain, and living tools from Japan and other countries.

We lived abroad for a long time, and when we found time, we went abroad, mainly in Asia, to eat and visit general stores.

I saw tableware and miscellaneous goods designed unique to that country, touched my skin, and felt that the motifs that are rarely seen in Japan are rich in individuality.

On the other hand, since I had many opportunities to visit various parts of Japan, not only the quality of each item was carefully made, but also the splendor of the folk art that keeps the tradition, and the wabi-sabi and kawaii that express the aesthetic sense peculiar to Japan. I have come to feel the richness of the culture, including such things, once again.

We started by buying all the things we liked, and one of the reasons we started the store was that we wanted everyone to know about these wonderful things and deliver them.

Meet the kilns and writers as much as possible, visit the places where they are making things, show their works, and listen to their thoughts. This is still an important style for us even after we opened the store.

Because it is an online shop that does not have a physical store, it is easy to understand and simple so that you can see the products slowly, such as at home and travel time. The photos are not over-corrected, but are carefully corrected over time so that the colors and textures are close to the real thing. Also, it's difficult to tell if you don't have time in person. We are trying to create a warm shop where you can feel the warmth of the creators' many thoughts and stories of their works.

Things that you must use every day, things that you pick up, things that you can see in your daily life. When I suddenly see it, I think that living surrounded by "love" and "favorite" will naturally make you smile and make you feel calm.

I would like to find my favorite and favorite and help to gradually increase my little happiness in my daily life.


Shopkeeper Sekine

A store of containers and living tools to enjoy the seasons