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Hello. This is Shikioriori Shop!

We are (husband and wife duo) launched their online store in 2020 with the desire to deliver pottery, porcelain, and household items from Japan and around the world based on the concept of "a moment to enjoy the changing seasons."

Before starting the online store, both of them were office workers and spent a long time living abroad. Whenever they had time, they would travel to various countries, mainly in Asia, to eat and visit various general stores. There, they saw and touched tableware and general goods with designs unique to those countries, and felt that the motifs that are rarely seen in Japan were rich in individuality . Having had many opportunities to visit various parts of Japan, they began to turn their attention to Japanese products.

Not only are the items carefully made to be of high quality, but I have come to appreciate once again the beauty of folk art, which continues to preserve tradition, and the richness of Japan's culture, including the unique Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi and kawaii.

It started with us buying our own favorite things, and our desire to let everyone know about these wonderful items and deliver them to them was one of the reasons we started the store, and we've continued to do so to this day.

We try to meet potters and artists as much as possible, visit the places where they are making things, show them their works, and listen to their thoughts. This has been an important style for us even since we started the shop.

Because it is an online shop, we have made it easy to understand and simple so that you can take your time to look at the products at home or while traveling. We do not over-edit the photos, but take the time to carefully correct them so that the colors and textures are as close to the real thing as possible. We also strive to create a warm shop where you can feel the warmth of the creators, so that you can convey the many thoughts and stories of their works, which are difficult to convey in person if you don't have time. We have also received many requests from customers who want to actually pick up, touch, and see the products, so we opened a small shop in Kamakura in April 2024. Please stop by our store if you have the opportunity. We look forward to seeing you.

A seasonal store selling tableware and household items
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In our daily lives, there are things that we use, pick up, and see every day. I think that living surrounded by things that we "love" or "favourite" when we happen to see them will naturally make us smile and calm our minds.

I hope to help you find the things you love and are fond of, and gradually add small joys to your daily life.

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