Collection: Ontayaki SAKAMOTO Yoichi gama

小鹿田焼 坂本庸一窯通販

Onta ware is a pottery made in Sarayama, Geneicho, in Hita City, Oita Prefecture. It started in 1705 by inviting Koishiwara potter Sanemon Yanase. In 1995, it was designated as an important intangible cultural property of the country. Traditional techniques of Onta ware include "tobikanna", "brush eyes", "finger drawing", "comb drawing", "striking", and "sinking".Currently, there are nine kilns, and we continue to protect the traditional techniques that have been handed down for 300 years, such as using handmade tools without using machines.

I went to Onta Pottery Village in Sarayama, Hita Prefecture, Oita Prefecture.  Here from