Collection: Koishiwarayaki Oumei Kamamoto

Koishiwarayaki Oumei Kamamoto

Koishiwarayaki is a pottery that has been made in Toho Village, Fukuoka Prefecture for about 350 years. The Koishiwara district of Tono-sato is blessed with high-quality soil, and is said to be the brother kiln of Ontayaki in Hita, Oita Prefecture. At Okimei Kiln, the father, Okimei Onimaru, and the son, Naoyuki Onimaru, learn the traditional techniques of Koishiwara ware, such as Tobiplane, Hakeme, and Shihokake, which are characteristic of Koishiwara ware. It is produced by searching for something that fits modern life.

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