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Ms. Kazuko Kondo, who creates cute works in Osaka Prefecture that make you ``Kyun - Kyun '' at first sight. We are going to handle it for the first time at our store!

Small box by Kazuko Kondo

That cute girl in the corner of my heart. Charming girls, boys, and animals who seem to have been friends for a long time invite you to play with them. .

“In my daily life, I suddenly have an idea of ​​what I want to create next time. I want to put a gentle world into my work,” says Kondo. It's like a page in a picture book, and you'll be drawn into a wonderful world view that looks like a fun scene turned into pottery.

When I was in junior high school, I was praised for the shoe sketch I drew in art class, and this was the first opportunity for me to go on to art college. At first, the only thing that came to mind when thinking about art school was painting, but when I learned that the university had a crafts department, I thought it would be fun to make things like tableware for everyday use, so I decided to major in pottery. .

“With pottery, you cannot see the completion in front of you, so you have to entrust it to the kiln. I think it's annoying and interesting to not have it."

Ms. Kondo's work retains the warmth that is unique to handmade, and you can feel the individual taste and gentleness of each one.

Rolled cup bear by Kazuko Kondo

A sweet potato and a girl, can you give me the other one?

Kazuko Kondo's dentures

We sell it as an accessory case at our store, but the original was made as a Baby denture case. You can feel the warm feelings that you want to cherish.

Kazuko Kondo's cake and girl's dentures

I want to put my favorite treasure! I'm excited just thinking about what to put in it.

Small box by Kazuko Kondo

You can put food inside, but since the inside is a white matte glaze, dark colors like soy source tend to transfer colors and smells to the container when you first use it. In order to enjoy the gradual change over time, we recommend ''Medome'' before the beginning of use. **How to Medome?
It’s a effective even if you just soak it in water for several hours and then dry it thoroughly before you use the first time.


During hide-and-seek?

Kazuko Kondo

A mug with a cute animal on the handle. It is easy to hold because the thumb can be placed and stabilized.

Kazuko Kondo squirrel mug

By the way, the mug is sealed, so you don't need to seal it when you first use it.

Mug by Kazuko Kondo

Ms. Kondo is aiming for a ``warm and smiling, fun vessel''. I hope that you will continue to create works that will make you smile. I'm looking forward to seeing what she do in the future!

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