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We have decided to handle the charming works of Gifu's woodwork artist Mokue Zakka. We asked him about the production process.

Mamezarako-chan, wood painting miscellaneous goods

Kiezakka is a husband and wife company in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture, who produce woodwork miscellaneous goods. His wife, Yasuyo, who is from Aichi Prefecture, learned to paint as a hobby, and this is what got her into painting woodwork. After that, Yasuyo was making matryoshka dolls, but she gradually started making them together with her husband, who had learned woodworking molding by himself.

“I became a girl with a bobbed hair because woodworking dolls = Kokeshi dolls. When I first started making things with my husband, when I asked my husband to make something I had in mind, it was difficult to convey the image in detail. I used to write and communicate, but now I can communicate without drawing, so my work has become much easier,” says Yasuyo.

Be careful and sincere when creating. Making use of the different textures of each piece of wood,
it is formed with a woodworking lathe that carves with a fixed tool.
Wood painting miscellaneous goods handling list

Even just the face is painted with paint, dried with a dryer, painted again and dried, and so on, repeating about three times. Other parts are covered with plenty of paint and left to dry naturally for a day. I will repeat the work depending on the part of the pattern.

Wood picture miscellaneous goods tray strawberries

Mamesarako-chan drawn freehand. When she thinks about clothes, she feels as excited as when she was playing with dress-up dolls when she was a child.
Mamezarako-chan rabbit
Mamezarako Strawberry

"Confectioner" created with the image of a Showa candy container

The nostalgic shape is also lovely!
Wooden art miscellaneous goods confectionery case

The loveliness that makes you smile just by looking at it. It seems that he is watching over me with a smile, soothing my heart.

Since wood is a natural product, each piece will vary in color and texture. Exactly Only One! The woodwork will slowly change over time, so it's like growing old together, which is also one of the pleasures.
wood painting miscellaneous goods

Finished with edible oil. We do not recommend placing food directly on the product. It is not waterproof, so if it gets dirty, gently wash it with a soft sponge and do not leave it in water for a long time. If you are concerned about the dryness of the surface, dry oil (egg sesame oil, walnut oil, etc.) will not be sticky.

Wood painting miscellaneous goods that are always making works that make your heart pounding. I can't wait to see what kind of wonderful Kie-chan will be born in the future.

wood painting miscellaneous goods
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