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The size and shape are easy to use and hold. A warm painting that makes you happy just by looking at it. We will be handling very nice Kihoko Ohba's vessels!

Kihoko Ohba's vessel

“When I was a company employee, I was involved in the design of large buildings such as buildings, so I wanted to do a job where I could feel the warmth of my hands, so I started making vessels.”

Ms. Oba, who carefully answers various questions. She learned pottery in Imari and Arita, and her delicate painting is attractive. Currently, she has a studio in her home in Tokyo and is making pottery every day.

“We also make overglaze paintings, but the underglaze colors are warmer, so we mixed gray to create a feeling of warmth. The design concept is a mix of Japanese and overseas traditions. I would like to combine Japanese tradition and modernity, and create a vessel that transcends nationality and time,” said Ms. Oba. Every time I look at it, I discover new things and aim to create tableware that makes life more enjoyable.

Just looking at it makes me feel warm
Kihoko Ohba's vessel

''I'm a cloth fun!''. Ms. Ohba likes and collects fabrics and embroidery from all over the world. It is said that she also refers to the color and balance of the pottery pattern. I put the touch of the brush in it and express the softness in the vessel. I see. This soft and gentle texture comes from the feel of the fabric.

Kihoko Ohba Cup & Saucer

One of the features is that it feels good to use. You don't need to seal the eyes before using it for the first time, and you can use it as usual, just like porcelain vessels.

Kihoko Ohba's works for sale

This time we mainly received the cat series, but Ms. Oba who is producing various animals and motifs. I look forward to seeing your wonderful works!

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Kihoko Ohba's works for sale

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