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Introducing Ms Mayumi Kikuchi's fairy tale-like world view!

Works for sale by Mayumi Kikuchi

Ms Kikuchi, who makes pottery in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture. In fact, the owner of the shop is also from Tokorozawa, and he was one of the artists that I always wanted to handle.

Ms Kikuchi has loved drawing and making things with paper since he was little. " Right now, I like to sew and sew, and I basically like to stay at home." I felt it.

"I've been at home all the time, so I'm grateful that you take me out sometimes."

**When he had the opportunity to come into contact with the climbing kiln and pottery at the Hanno ware studio, when he saw the state of the workshop, he felt that "this space is very nice", which was the reason for starting pottery. It was the moment when my fresh sensibility met with pottery. At the Musashino Art University junior college department, you can select craft design and learn pottery. After working at a pottery class, he became independent about three years ago. Now I'm making it daily in my home workshop.

The gentle pattern is not hand-drawn, but is expressed using a technique called ``Japanese paper dyeing''. Usually, Japanese paper dyeing is done by adding color to Japanese paper and transferring the color to the base material, but Ms Kikuchi uses kitchen paper as a result of various trial and error.

Production scenery of Mayumi Kikuchi

Kutani semi-porcelain soil is used. A soft and gentle atmosphere. In addition, it seems that the blue color is created by adjusting pigments, not gosu. All the colors are soft and soothing.

Mail order of Mayumi Kikuchi's works

**Hanno ware Kiln ruins have been found around Hanno in Saitama Prefecture. The exact date of its beginning is unknown, but one of them is said to have been the Hara kiln in 1832. Hanno ware died out once in the Meiji period, but was revived by Hideo Korasawa, Michio Kishi, and others.

Well, here is the introduction of the handling works!

Adorable animal series. All of them seem to have escaped from a fairyland, and it's fun.

Mayumi Kikuchi's fox rim plate mail order

Is this fox worried about his back? It's a lovely gesture.

Mayumi Kikuchi's fox rim plate mail order
Mayumi Kikuchi cat spice container

This condiment holder comes with a teaspoon with a cute fish pattern!

Mayumi Kikuchi's vessel mail order

“Since the work is thinly coated with edible silicone, it will not soak in and you can enjoy the beautiful texture for a long time,” says Kikuchi. They are smooth to the touch, lighter than they look, and easy to hold.

The flower series is made with gentle pastel colors.

mimosa rim plate
Mayumi Kikuchi's mimosa plate mail order
Online sale of Mayumi Kikuchi's pottery

It is produced with the aim of creating works that give a faint sense of brilliance in everyday life. I'm looking forward to Kikuchi's wonderful works from now on!

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