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Ms. Tsujimoto makes very cute chopstick rests and small plates in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture. We talked about production and works!

List of works by Tsujimotoji

Ms. Tsujimoto, who was born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, first encountered pottery when he was deciding on a specialty during his art studies , and because he liked making three-dimensional objects, he chose the pottery course. To be honest, he didn't know much about pottery until then. Created art objects at art junior college in Kyoto. Afterwards, he studied under the late Takako Araki. She also studied at the Tokoname City Ceramics Research Institute, and currently works in Tokoname.

``Tokoname is a city where you can find pottery all over the place, and it's fun to stroll around and explore the streets.There are a lot of potters living there, so it's a great place to practice pottery.''

Tokoname is a production area of ​​Tokoname ware, which is famous for its teapots, but it is also home to many independent artists. There are many pottery makers who have immigrated from outside the country, and since it is a seaside town, it has a bright and laid-back atmosphere. There are fashionable shops that sell works by artists and food stalls, and the shop owners also love this town. (This is a place I highly recommend you to visit if you have the chance!)

When you think of Ms. Tsujimoto, you think of chopstick rests. His unique and attractive works are supported by many fans.

``I started making chopstick rests because I like making small things, and I started making chopstick rests because I thought they could be used in daily life,'' says Tsujimoto.

When creating the work, she said, ``Because it is a small work, I am conscious of creating a sense of spatial expansion.'' Not only the shape, but just the presence of these items gives you a sense of a fun worldview that seems to make you leap forward consciously.

A scene from the creation of the pretty ribbon chopstick rest: During formation.

Mr. Tsujimoto’s work production scene

After bisque firing: It's heartwarming to see them lined up.

Mr. Tsujimoto's production scene

Finished product bottom:
The soft texture of ceramics is very stylish!


Just looking at it will bring a smile to your face. A wonderful accent for your table.

Ribbon chopstick rest by Tsujimotoji

The graceful curves of Preschel are perfect for New Year's Day and special occasions.

Tsujimotoji's preschel

Gorgeous like a flower garden. Each piece is carefully made, leaving traces of handiwork.

Tsujimotoji flower chopstick rest
Tsujimotoji's chopstick rest

``The small white plates are covered with tableware silicone, but if you leave soy sauce on them, they tend to stain. Also, the ink may transfer to the newspaper, so be careful if you are concerned about that. Please use it accordingly.'' I received the advice.

Tsujimotoji’s chopstick rest mail order

What would you like to create in the future? When I asked,

``It may take some time, but I would like to be able to make tea utensils,'' she said. She also wants to continue the mushroom series he has been making since she was a student for a long time.

I look forward to seeing Ms. Tsujimoto's wonderful and heart-warming works in the future!

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