Incorporating the charm of tiles into pottery Yukari Nakagawa

We spoke to Ms. Nakagawa, who makes pottery in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture.

Yukari Nakagawa mail order

Ms. Nakagawa creates ceramics with the theme of wanting to incorporate the charm of industrial tiles into ceramic art. When I first saw Ms. Nakagawa's mosaic tile work, I remember saying, "Wow!" at the stylish design, which was a combination of Showa retro nostalgia and rich individuality.

`` The bathroom wall at my parents' house had a ``tile-like'' design, and I thought it would be even nicer if it were actually tiled, so I started thinking about it because both the tile and the pottery are made from the same pottery and are both good in their own way. I thought that if I combined them, I could create a wonderful work, so I developed my current style,'' says Ms. Nakagawa.

It seems that he was making objects in college, but while he was making them, there was a period of slump when he felt more like ``I have to make'' than I wanted to make. When he faced his work again, he realized that instead of just wanting the general public to know or understand his work, he wanted to leave a legacy by touching on someone's life through his work. They say that moving to Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, where there are many pottery makers, was a big factor when they got married.

Ms. Nakagawa is popular and actively participates in craft fairs. This is her booth at last year's ARTS&CRAFT Shizuoka Tezukuri City .

Shizuoka Handicraft Market Author Yukari Nakagawa's booth
Yukari Nakagawa Craft Fair Booth

I was impressed by her detailed explanation of each work to the visitors. She has a personality that brightens up the atmosphere when you talk to him, and he cheers you up.

This time we are handling mugs.

Ms. Nakagawa's work usually uses cool colors, but this time he requested that he create it in brighter colors.

mini mug mosaic

Nakagawa Yukari tile mug sales

I can't finish drinking the tea or coffee I put in my mug...
Perfect for those who just need a smaller mug!

Yukari Nakagawa's tile mug

It seems that masking tape is used in the production. After the process of pasting the tape → glazing → peeling off the tape, we will color-code and modify the painted areas.

Yukari Nakagawa's mug mail order

It has a texture similar to real tiles and is fun to look at.

Nakagawa Yukari's tile cup


This time, I requested another different series, and the colors and design have a somewhat modern Japanese feel. It has become the owner's favorite!

Nakagawa Yukari mug sales

Because the glaze contains copper, black spots appear when it crystallizes when it cools. It gives off an antique feel. It seems that if the cooling speed is slow, it will turn black. The exquisite texture gives you a warm feeling.

Author Yukari Nakagawa Magherringbone

The clay used is Seto clay, so it is a porcelain item. It has a modern Scandinavian style atmosphere, but it's calm and very stylish!
Yukari Nakagawa's mug brown mail order

Not only is it easy to use, but it is also compatible with a variety of designs, and is created with emphasis on shapes that make the decoration stand out.

Yukari Nakagawa's mug (blue geometric pattern) mail order


Ms. Nakagawa, thank you very much for asking me this time. I look forward to seeing more wonderful works from you!

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Yukari Nakagawa's tile style mug mail order

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