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We will handle the works of Rie Ishikawa, who makes pottery in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture! We asked her about the production process.

Works handled by Rie Ishikawa

A warm view of the world that is like being in a page of a story. The animals Ms. Ishikawa draws are so adorable that the viewer naturally imagines, "What are they doing? Are they having fun talking?"

“Actually, I wanted to make a picture book, so I put a lot of thought into each and every piece, aiming to make it look like an illustration in a picture book,” says Ms. Ishikawa. This is a writer with a gentle atmosphere as it is with a fluffy style.

The city of Seto, where Ms. Ishikawa is based, is known as one of Japan's leading pottery production areas, and is the origin of the word "setomono," which refers to ceramic tableware in general. There are many potteries and pottery factories, and many people involved in pottery live here.

There is also a monument that seems to be a production area in the city.
Seto city

And it's also where he's from!
Sota Fujii

Ms. Ishikawa also said, “Seto is a town where there are many shops and artists who handle raw materials and tools, and you can feel the connections between many people through pottery.”

Well, let's introduce the work!

The soil is a blend with Seto soil. Items with rims are made from a mold. Others are making shapes on the potter's wheel.
Mug by Rie Ishikawa

She likes Fuyo dyeing, so it seems that that image is the base.
Small plates by Rie Ishikawa

A charming style based on classic patterns.

Rie Ishikawa maracas cat
Rie Ishikawa Cup

I use the traditional Seto dyeing technique that I learned in Seto. I draw with a brush using a blue dye called ``sometsuke'' with a touch like a fresh watercolor painting.
Works handled by Rie Ishikawa

Microwave and dishwasher are also available! It is packed with the artist's desire to use it casually in daily life.

Ms. Ishikawa said that he also did pottery at art high school, but he majored in oil painting at art college because she liked painting. It seems that he did not have an industrial design perspective, but since she was a university in Kanazawa, he thought that such a path would be good.

“I like pottery work, and I thought that I could deliver things that are used in everyday life to various people. I want to make things that people can enjoy individually. Aiming for something like that, I create with that in mind,” said Ms. Ishikawa.

Fun vessels that make you excited when you use them. I'm looking forward to your wonderful works! Thank you for this time.

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