Shinonomegama Ms. Akane Suzuki

From Shinonomegama, a pottery manufacturer in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, we have received lovely textured pottery and mugs! (Updated August 25, 2021)

Shinonome kiln mail order

Kasama City in Ibaraki Prefecture is famous for producing pottery, just like Mashiko in Tochigi Prefecture. It was called "Kasamashiko" because it used to be in the same cultural sphere, and Kasama ware has been made from the old days, such as pots and pots used in daily life. Today, from young artists to veterans, artists and potteries of various styles from all over Japan have their own workshops. The Kasama Pottery Festival, which is held every year during Golden Week, is a popular pottery market that attracts about 500,000 people. There are pottery-related shops, stylish cafes and restaurants dotted around the town, and events and special exhibitions are held here and there, making it an irresistible city for pottery lovers.

Shinonomegama is a unit of husband and wife Shinichi Suzuki and wife Akane Suzuki, who are based in Kasama. The name of the kiln, " Shinonome ," was coined by Akane's grandfather, who is from the local area. ),” he said.

At our shop, we handle works by Ms. Akane Suzuki's wife, who is characterized by cute paintings.

Round Mug Birds and Flowers
Kasama artist Akane Suzuki's mug

The soil uses Mino soil. The kiln is fired in a gas kiln. Kasama has an excellent kiln shop, and he said that the creators are very helpful. Since it is all painted by hand, there are slight differences between each one, and you can feel the warmth of hand-painting.

Rim plate Nut red Shinonome Kiln Bread Plate

Bright colors and fun patterns will make your room look gorgeous.

Shinonome kiln red nut cake plate

The middle plate that you can feel the taste of handwork on the rim. Just looking at it makes me excited!

Shinonome Kiln Flower and Bird Vessel

Plate bird and flower

Oval Plate Birds and Flowers
Medium plate of flowers and birds (Akane Suzuki)

Mr. Shinichi, the owner of the glaze, is very knowledgeable and detailed, so he consults with us to create the glaze. The degree of application and the moist texture of the mat give a warm and gentle feeling.

soup cup bird and flower

Shinonome kiln soup cup

This work (below) has a transparent glaze.
The adorable nut motif that tickles the girl's heart seems to lift your mood.

Rim plate small flower blue

Round Mug Blue Bird
Shinonome kiln round mug mail order

Akane is famous for her rice ball plates, but her bright and energetic works, like those in a picture book, make people smile. Akane-san said that she would be happy if she could spread Japan's "kawaii culture" to people overseas. I'm looking forward to the works that will make you feel like you're in awe!

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