Kawaii porcelain bowls make you feel commutable

Introducing Toshiyuki Haramura's pottery with warm and cute animals drawn on it!

Toshiyuki Haramura's octagonal plate

Mr. Haramura creates pieces that have a warm texture that feels just like pottery. I felt that he was a very serious and sincere person during our interactions with him. The artist gives the impression of being overflowing with kindness, such as by leaving careful handwritten notes and taking care of people in various ways.

Mr. Haramura was drawn to the charm of Hizen pottery from places like Ko-Imari and Nabeshima, and in 2007 began studying at a ceramics school and under an artist in Arita, Saga Prefecture. In 2010, he moved to Hidaka City, Saitama and became independent. It has the trade name 2020 Pottery and produces pottery every day. The owner of Shikiori is also from Tokorozawa, Saitama. My high school classmate also lived in Hidaka City, and I have fond memories of spending the night there. I remember feeling excited as if I had gone to a small resort area even though we were in the same prefecture. Because of this, I felt a sense of affinity with the shop owner (simple!) from the beginning.

`` We are making vessels for everyday use.We would be happy if people could use them at the dining table every day.''As the saying goes, we create items that can be used in daily life, and our top priority is ease of use. Mr. Haramura says that he is particular about the size, shape, and materials as much as possible, keeping in mind keywords such as "simple, basic, and standard" when creating the products.

Toshiyuki Haramura's bear cup
Toshiyuki Haramura's cup

Each piece is carefully made to avoid the damage that occurs when making pottery. After creating the shape using a potter's wheel and stamping, the painting is divided between his wife, Kae. The bear, bird, and horse were painted by Haramura using a technique called washi dyeing, which involves adding color to washi paper and transferring it to the base material.The plover*, chicken, and lobster were hand-painted by Kae. You can feel the taste of the rust glaze on the edge of the bottom and the edge where the mouth touches, and the handmade taste oozes out.

Toshiyuki Haramura's plover plate

*Unfortunately, Chidori is out of print.

Instead, they have started producing new swallows, and they have joined us as new friends at our store!

Toshiyuki Haramura's swallow mug
Toshiyuki Haramura's Mag Horse

The octagonal small plate is approximately 12cm in diameter. A small but versatile size that can hold your favorite fruits, sweets, and serving plates.

Toshiyuki Haramura's horse plate

A soft off-white color with a moist and smooth texture. It has a pleasant texture that makes you want to touch it all the time. The octagonal shape, which is said to bring good luck, is also stylish with colored rims!


Toshiyuki Haramura's octagonal small plate

The chicken looks like he's wearing a cute afro-like crest and a stylish bow tie (⁉) It's so cute that you'll be thrilled!

Toshiyuki Haramura's chicken plate

``Even if I continue to create for the rest of my life, I may not end up with 100 pieces, but I will always try to create the best work possible,'' says Haramura. I look forward to seeing more wonderful works!

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Toshiyuki Haramura's cup

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