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We will handle the works of Ms. Kagami Tsubura, a writer from Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture. I heard a lot of stories about the production.

Mr. Kagami En's vessel

Born in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kagami-san has loved drawing and making things with paper clay since she was little, so she went to an art high school. While learning various creative activities, I started pottery because I was good at making three-dimensional objects.

“I was in the craft club in high school, and there were 10 potter’s wheels and 4 kilns. I think that being able to do something was suitable for me.”

After that, she went on to study ceramics at Joshibi University of Art and Design. After studying further at Tokoname school, he became independent in 2018. Mr. Yen creates works with a unique worldview inspired by Annatte from Vietnam, which was influenced by museums and books, and folk crafts from Okinawa and Kyushu. In fact, the shopkeeper's love of pottery was triggered by Annamte in Vietnam, so when I first saw Ms. Kagami's work, there was something that googled. You will be drawn into the fragile and Japanese beauty of the place.

Kagamien's work list

Ms Kagami seems to be conscious and cherished to express the feeling at the time of production as it is.

“I draw a pattern without a draft, putting my emotions at that time. I change the baking method from time to time, so it is close to a basic one-off product.”

Even with the same type of work, the method of firing is *reduction firing or **oxidation firing, so you can enjoy different rich expressions depending on the work, such as a bluish expression or a yellowish one.

*Reduction firing = A method of firing with limited oxygen when firing pottery
** Oxidative Firing = A method of firing in which there is sufficient oxygen for complete combustion during firing of pottery

Works by Kagami En

In addition, since the ash glaze is used, the change in the kiln is stronger and creates a fantastic atmosphere.

Works by Kagami En

Painting is an inlay technique that digs lines and draws with a brush. Because the glaze that flows easily is deliberately used, it bleeds and flows when baked, giving it a mysterious and lively look. The ash glaze is applied with a brush or sponge, leaving traces of handiwork, such as lines and after it flows, giving it a tasteful antique-like texture.

Kagami En's work mail order

The surface becomes almost matte in the kiln, and the surface becomes smooth and glossy. Both are very nice!

Kagami En's work online sale

By using a freehand firing method and glaze that dares to change, it is very difficult to balance and the maker's sense shines. At our store, we are trying to make it possible for you to choose what you like on the product page from the viewpoint of ``one-of-a-kind''. All of them are so wonderful that you will be enchanted, so please try to find your favorite!

“I want to make something that makes you feel like poetry from a piece of pottery. I also value ease of use as a tool,” says Kagami.

I'm looking at pottery, but I feel like I'm reading a movie or reading a book. In everyday life, the dining table will stand out and you will be able to spend a special time.

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