[Visit to the workshop] Adachinopotari, a retro-modern style that feels nostalgic

Akane Adachi makes pottery called Seiseki in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture. Now available at our store! We visited her workshop in Toki City.

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The shop owner came across Ms. Adachi's work by chance and learned about the existence of fine stoneware . Art deco decor with an antique feel. I remember getting excited and thinking, "Is this a European pottery? How wonderful!" At the same time, it had a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere, like a retro Showa era...that's the impression I got.

The creation of fine stoneware began with the idea that there was a way to make use of the unused yellow clay that could be harvested in large quantities in the Mino region. At that time, white clay was considered good for making porcelain, and colored clay was used for miscellaneous pottery and industrial purposes. The technique was established in the early Showa period as an elegant pottery made by layering decorations on Mino ocher, which is fine-grained like porcelain and covered with white clay. Local potteries began to produce it, but around 1965, the wave of mass production forced the artisans of fine stoneware, which required skill and time, to gradually disappear. After a 30-year hiatus, people began to appreciate the quality of handmade products, and a movement began to revive production. The creator, Akane Adachi, uses her fine stoneware techniques to create pottery that brings the softness of everyday life to the heart, and she also continues to pass on these techniques.

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Ms. Adachi, who is from Chiba Prefecture, graduated from the art department at university and then studied ceramics at the Tajimi City Design Institute in Gifu Prefecture.

``I think I ended up doing ceramics because I wanted to be a ``person who makes something'' ever since I was little.The rest is all about various encounters and timing.The antenna inside me reacted to something. I think the path has been decided naturally,” says Adachi. She has a personality that brightens up when you talk to her.

Her first encounter with fine stoneware was when she was invited to participate in the Fine Stoneware Study Group, just as she was graduating from the Institute of Design. The Fine Stoneware Study Group was established in 2000 with the purpose of passing on, developing, and disseminating techniques for decorating fine stoneware. Ms. Adachi was fascinated by the unique earthy color of fine stoneware and the decorative technique using decorative clay, which continues to this day.

Decorations are a characteristic of fine stoneware. After applying white makeup, decorations are applied using techniques such as brushing, combing, and finger painting.

This is what ``Yubikaki'' looks like.
finger scratching

It is called finger scratching pattern because the makeup soil is scratched with fingers.

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“Yubigaki” is drawing by applying clay on the fingertips.
It is said in the same way as ``finger scratch'', but ``scratching'' and ``drawing'' are written differently.

Akane Adachi (adachino pottery)

The art deco retro painting is very elegant!
Because it uses a yuzu skin glaze (which resembles the surface of a yuzu fruit), it has a pale and gentle color.

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This is the DEW (Shizuku) series.

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The Itchin technique, which involves drawing using a tool like a rubber dropper, is said to be originally intended for drawing lines with makeup clay, but Mr. Adachi purposely used a thicker clay and used it to draw lines when squeezed out. Focus on the cuteness of the first drop. It seems that it started when he thought that it could be used as a pattern. The particles that are squeezed out from alternate directions look like drops (DEW), and the mysterious appearance of this work is attractive.

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In fact, while working as a writer, Ms. Adachi also works as a ``pressure molder''.
*Pressure casting = A method of injecting soil (sludge) into a mold using air pressure.

``At 70 years old, I'm still considered young in this place, so needless to say, I'm still training. It's no exaggeration to say that preparing the soil is the most important part of casting.''

As a craftsman who creates the clay and shapes using plaster molds and machines, I also work with vessels every day.

``Toki City is also a production area for Mino ware, and is built on a division of labor.There are many people who work in clay, glaze, casting, kiln, painting, etc., so if there is something you don't understand, you can easily ask. I'm really grateful," Adachi said.

Akane Adachi's workshop

Fine stoneware belongs to miscellaneous wares, so it is made as uniformly as possible, making it easy to use. It seems that he wants to create something with a nostalgic feel that can touch the experiences and memories of the person who uses it. Our goal is to create pottery that you can find in your everyday life, and that feels soft and close to your heart. I look forward to seeing more wonderful works!

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