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Elegant curves and classy colors. We will be handling the works of the wonderful Ayako Wakana! We interviewed him at her workshop in Tochigi.

Vase by Ayako Wakana

After graduating from a graphic course at a junior college, Wakana worked as a designer. I used to like collecting and making pottery, so I started making pottery as a hobby. However, he gradually became interested in all the processes and ran out of time. After newly studying ceramics at an art university, built a kiln in Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture and became independent. Currently, the workshop has been moved to Tochigi City, where he is making pottery every day.

“I didn’t have any particular reason. I just enjoy pottery and never get tired of it…I think that’s why I keep doing it.”

Wakana's workshop in Tochigi is as functional as her works, but it is a comfortable space where you can feel her sense of style.

Workshop of Ayako Wakana

A neat kiln space. A cool breeze was blowing when I visited.

Visit to Ayako Wakana's workshop

Well, let's introduce her work!

One of the charms of Ms. Wakaba's work is the elegant lacquerware.

Works for sale by Ayako Wakana

This is expressed using a carving knife. A round knife is used for shinogi and arrow feather carving, and multiple blades are used for single flower vase.

Works by Ayako Wakana
Ayako Wakana Ame glaze free cup

The elegance and delicacy of an antique. She is also inspired by plants, flowers, nuts and vegetables. Certainly, the natural world is full of really beautiful shapes. That's where the idea comes from.

Vase by Ayako Wakaba

The white piece will be semi-porcelain. You can also feel the warmth of the soil and the dignified presence of the stone. The original slightly bluish white glaze gives it an even more classy look. The surface has a matte texture.

Ayako Wakana free cup

The brown piece uses Mashiko soil, so it is pottery. The slightly dark candy glaze is chic and looks like it will accent the table.

Ms. Ayako Wakana Ame glaze medium bowl

A vessel that goes well with various tableware that is lined up on the dining table and that you can pick up every day. Ms. Wakana is conscious of making cups that fit comfortably in the hand. It seems that you can gently blend into your daily life and spend a relaxing and comfortable time together in the busyness of your days.

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List of works handled by Ayako Wakana

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