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Haruko Harada's pottery that makes you feel relaxed just by looking at it. I visited the workshop in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture. Haruko Harada mail order

Tokoname is a pottery production area famous for its teapots. The "Tokoname ware festival" held every autumn is a popular event that artists also participate in. In addition, "Yakimono Sanpomichi" is a place where fashionable cafes and general stores gather. And Tokoname is a wonderful sea town with the scent of the tide.

When you open the door of Ms. Harada's workshop, you can see the vast ocean in front of you. The roar of the sea changes every moment, and the pottery is made while feeling the season. Ms. Harada is the perfect fit for such a refreshing workshop. I had a great time with constant laughter during the time we met. Visiting Haruko Harada, a popular writer in TokonameHaruko Harada's workshop visit

The space inside the workshop is like a secret base. In addition to pottery, hobby items and miscellaneous goods are placed, and it makes me feel excited.

Haruko Harada's studio interior
Workshop of Haruko Harada

I felt a bit of a foreign atmosphere, so when I said that, I was convinced. The owner was a foreigner. The owner also lived abroad for 18 years, so it's always exciting to talk with people who have diverse ways of thinking and vitality.
Tokoname writer Haruko Harada's workshop

Active as a volleyball player since childhood. I was part of a 9-person team at the company. However, although he likes volleyball, he also felt that it would be difficult to make it a career for the rest of his life, so he always thought, "I want to do one thing forever." At that time, I came to Tokoname by motorcycle and happened to join the kiln firing of a project to make pottery with overseas artists, which was held as an international exchange initiative called IWCAT.

I really enjoyed this project, and I really liked the atmosphere of Tokoname.

I visited Haruko Harada's workshop

After studying at Kyoei-gama Ceramic School, worked at the same school and pottery class. In 2000, the kiln was built in Ono-cho, Tokoname.

It is said that he started creating works with cute textures after the Great East Japan Earthquake because he wanted to make something bright. We want you to use it more and more every day, so we have a strong desire to deliver everyday use, such as something that is as durable as possible, and is priced at an affordable price so that you can easily buy more even if it breaks or breaks. I'm here.

dip dish. Cute handle. A heartwarming pattern that makes you feel warm.

Haruko Harada Dipdish mail order
Haruko Harada's blue dipdish net sales

Shigaraki + Seto blend soil is used. The texture is hard compared to pottery because it is baked for a long time to increase the density. Matte glaze is applied to prevent stains from sticking.

It is produced with the aim of creating something fun that the user will not get tired of looking at it every day.
Just looking at it makes me feel bright and full of energy!
Containers by Haruko Harada

Ms. Harada says that the charm of Tokoname is that there are many people who are easy-going and friendly, partly because it is a city by the sea. In addition, due to the welcoming climate, it seems that migrants and fellow writers who are as kind and warm-hearted as nature are gathering. And for Ms. Harada, who has two children, Tokoname has international exchanges for children , and there are attractive programs such as accepting foreign children to stay and sending their own children to foreign countries for homestay. Sounds interesting. Mr. Harada's kindness and warm texture probably reflect the charm of Tokoname. In the future, he said that he would like to make works with a chic feel. We are looking forward to your future activities!

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