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Ms. Oka creates works with a natural and gentle texture that gently blends into daily life. I heard a story at the atelier space.

The home and workshop on a slightly elevated hill in Yokohama is a very relaxing space where the sun shines softly. The room, which was originally a Japanese-style room, has been tastefully renovated and has a very efficient structure.

Workshop of author Hiromi Oka

"My husband was very skillful and made a lot of things. This place was originally a closet, but he remade it into a perfect space." Ms. Oka, who smiles kindly, has the same atmosphere as the impression of the style. .

Storage space that makes good use of the structure of a Japanese-style room
Visit to the workshop of ceramic artist Hiromi Oka
I went to the atelier of Mr. Oka, a pottery artist.

Ms. Oka was born in Hachioji, Tokyo, but moved to Yokohama after marrying her husband, who is also a creator. Both of them are people who make things, so they are all in a very stylish space, and above all, it is a really comfortable place.
(As an aside, the owner also grew up in Kokubunji in Tokyo and Tokorozawa in Saitama, so the wind in Kanagawa was different.

The kiln space where the wind from the hill feels good. Produced by using another small kiln in the room and two.
Hiromi Oka's kiln

Ms. Oka, who has loved handicrafts since he was a child, studied pottery in the ceramics course at Musashino Art University Junior College.

“I didn’t have any reason to start making pottery, but I wanted to create something that would blend into my daily life.”

Even though he was busy raising his children, he still couldn't stop making them.

“I think it was because I was in a difficult time that I was able to find balance by making it.”

Making things that have been walking with daily life. As he said, Ms. Oka's works are all with a little ingenuity that makes him think, "I wish there was a size like this." Simple but fun to use.

small cocotte. Individual grill menus and baked puddings also look great!
Cocotte mail order by Hiromi Oka
Cocotte on orchid sales by Hiromi Oka

Although it is a heat-resistant container, it can be used like an ordinary mini-bowl, with the hope that it will be used for something every day, such as yogurt, cut fruit, or a soup cup.
Cocotte mail order by Hiromi Oka

The blue series is a beautiful item that sparkles when the crystals of the glaze hit the light.

Hiromi Oka's Blue Series mail order
Hiromi Oka's blue 5-inch plate mail order

The soft colors and textures will soothe your heart. It looks like it will fit with what you have. The middle bowl is 'flexed' to create a softer impression.

Hiromi Oka's blue cup and medium bowl

"I don't think my pottery has a strong personality, but I make pottery with the hope that it will help someone in their ordinary lives. "

You say that you have been saved and helped by something you made yourself. Ms. Oka smiled softly and said that he would be very happy if he could help someone's life. They are vessels filled with a lot of kind thoughts.

(Oka-san, thank you for your time!)

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