Big sincerity in a small chopstick rest Mino ware Ihoshiro kiln

Ihoshiro Kiln creates cute chopstick rests that make you smile. I visited a workshop in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, which is the production area of ​​Mino ware!

Ihoshiro kiln chopstick rest

Ihoshiro Kiln was established in 2007 as an in-house studio of a Japanese tableware and miscellaneous goods wholesale company founded in 1960. As an in-house manufacturer, he wondered if he could make something unique, and he started with a small one, partly because of the kiln. Since its founding, it has been carefully crafted with sincerity, sticking to "feelings and handwork".

We toured the factory!

There are so many processes involved in making this cute little chopstick rest! ? As much as I am surprised, each one is created with time and effort.

Mino Yaki Ihoshiro Kiln Studio Visit

The main processes are weighing ⇒ mold making ⇒ shaping by hand ⇒ dry biscuit firing ⇒ glazing ⇒ removing pin marks ⇒ main firing ⇒ overglaze painting...and many other processes to create adorable little things. I'm here.

We mix our own glazes until we are satisfied with many kinds of the same color. This seems to be important work.

Ihoshiro Kiln Workshop

We were making carrots that are handled at our store.

Mino ware chopstick rest (carrot)

This is a lotus root with a realistic hole.

Mino ware lotus root chopstick rest

Depending on the item, the glaze is removed once to bring out the texture and texture, and the grilled fish and bread are browned with a brush.

Appetizing realistic grilled fish series

Grilled fish chopstick rest (Mino ware)

Making three-color dumplings

Mino ware three-color dango

Dango three brothers waiting for unglazed grilling

dumpling chopstick rest

A series of Japanese sweets that will make you want to eat

cute chopstick rest

Although it is unavoidable in the process of making pottery, a lot of energy is used to bake the clay at over 1,000 degrees. So now we use almost 100% solar energy. They say they can do it because the products are small.

Ihoshiro kiln is 100% solar energy

Ihoshiro Kiln's products are all things that make your face smile just by looking at them. The dining table will suddenly become brighter, and the conversation will naturally flow.

Chopstick rest ancient series with a cute silly face

ancient series

It looks delicious with a fresh texture!

Vegetable series chopstick rest

The products are designed by in-house or external designers, or by the president, Mr. Hisatoshi Goto. It is completed by adjusting one color and texture until you are satisfied. Approximately 500 types of products are hand-made by approximately 25 craftsmen who spare no effort to create a warm and natural texture. The feeling when I happened to meet my first love from junior high school when I left the town where I was born and raised and came back to my hometown. It seems that he is wondering if it is possible to express the "throb of the heart" that you feel at that time with pottery. Japanese craftsmanship, the origin of handiwork, how sincerely, earnestly, and in the end, aim for good things that warm the hearts of the users . I was able to get a clear impression from the state of Ihoshiro Kiln's workshop.

I visited Ihoshiro Kiln.

The name of the kiln "Ihoshiro kiln" was named last year, 2020. It is said that the kiln was named with the wish that the kiln will continue for many years to come. I feel that it is a more meaningful name because it is a difficult time due to the corona crisis . In Tokyo, we have a directly managed store at the Palace Hotel , and we believe that small chopstick rests made with a lot of love will spread to a wider world.

Mr. Hiromichi, the son of Mr. Kutoshi, was the main person who listened to us and responded. I visited you when you just started your family business. As expected of a former banker, he is a wonderfully considerate and refreshing young man. I imagine that the president will be reassuring. In addition, we received warm support from other staff members. (Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule.)

I'm looking forward to seeing wonderful works that will make you smile a little!

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Ihoshiro Kiln

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