The Warmth of Hands - Junko Kanenari -

Junko Kanenari's work, which is attractive for its gentle texture wrapped in the warmth of handwork, will be handled. We interviewed him at his workshop in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture.

Visit to Junko Kanenari's workshop

It was a sunny winter day when I came to say hello. In the season when the autumn leaves are still beautiful, I was shown Ms Kanari's wonderful garden.

“There are so many things to do, but the time has passed by the time I realize I am here,” says Kanari with a playful smile. It is a space where you can feel the breath of flowers and relax your heart. In the other garden in front of the old private house, there is a cute studio and kiln that has the atmosphere of the work itself, where Ms. Kanari makes pottery every day.

The studio is surrounded by flowers and plants, and lovely works are watching over you. It's going to be fun and exciting!

Junko Kanenari's workshop
Junko Kanenari's studio scenery 2

The kiln uses a gas kiln. ``It's a small kiln, but it feels just right for me,'' she said.
A cute helper appears!

Kiln of Junko Kanenari

The work is decorated with dried flowers and flowers, and it is a workshop with a relaxing atmosphere.

Junko Kanenari's studio scenery 3
Inside the workshop of Junko Kanenari

Ms Kanari, who was born in Kyoto, spent his childhood in Kanagawa and Hokkaido because of her father's work. And when I went back to Hokkaido when I was an office worker in Tokyo, my father used to make pottery, so I casually went to a pottery class, which was the trigger for me to start pottery.

After that, after studying at the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute for one year, he moved to Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. Then, I came to Tokoname with the opportunity to be introduced to a pottery class in Tokoname by a teacher who was a fan of the pottery artist.

“There are a lot of good people in Tokoname. Maybe it’s because it’s near the sea, but there are a lot of easy-going people. I like it because there are a lot of people from ,” says Ms Kanari.

As you talk, you can see that fresh sensibility and delicacy are reflected in the work.

Well, let's introduce the work!

The soil uses Shigaraki soil. Only the mouth of the pot is made on a potter's wheel, and the rest of the pot is ``tatara-zukuri'', in which clay is made into a plate and shaped into a shape, or ``hand-kneaded'', in which clay is made into a string and piled up on top. I'm finishing up one by one. It is produced to leave as much hand-made marks as possible.
Round plate by Junko Kanenari

A feeling of fit when you hold it in your hand that is unique to hand kneading.
A semi-matte glaze is applied, and the gentleness of the soil remains.
Junko Kanenari's mug mail order
Mug cup sale of Junko Kanenari

It's not very easy to get dirty, but it's earthenware, so it will change over time. Please enjoy how it becomes more tasteful with the passage of time!
Ms. Junko Kanenari's bird bowl mail order
Ms. Junko Kanenari's bird plate mail order

No two pieces are the same.
It is made with the hope that the time of the person who uses it will be fun.

(Kinari-san, thank you for letting us in on this occasion! We are looking forward to seeing you again.)

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