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A glass kagami mochi with a warm shape is now available!

Kagami-mochi is said to have the meaning of wishing for good health for the year, following the luck and ability of Toshigami. Two large and one small rice cakes are piled up in the shape of good fortune, and are indispensable for the Japanese New Year as a lucky charm.

Gokurakuji glass studio

Gokurakuji Garasu Koubou is a workshop run by Shoichiro and Mutsuko Iwasawa, who are both from Kamakura. There are many works with a gentle texture, and each one is carefully made.

Gokurakuji glass studio

The surface of the glass kagami mochi is slightly rough, but it feels smooth, just like the real mochi.

Hokkori Kagami Mochi made of glass

It is said that it is created using the state of the glass before it is completely melted, and the fine bubbles express the surface of the rice cake very realistically. In addition, the unevenness of the dimples of orange is also given cutely, and it is carefully finished by hand.

Gokurakuji Glass Studio's Glass Mirror Mochi
glass artist's kagami mochi

Of course, it's nice to be able to use it every year!
In addition, Kagami-mochi is the day of "eight", which spreads toward the end. It is said that it is good to display it on December 28th.

Available in small , medium and large sizes. It looks like it will fit the size of your room.

Kagamimochi that can be used every year

Large: Length 10.3cm x Width 15.5cm x Height 1cm
Medium: Length 7.9cm x Width 9.9cm x Height 1cm
Small: Length 5.9cm x Width 8.2cm x Height 1cm

A black pedestal is also included in the set, so it can be displayed immediately.

This time, we have new winter-specific katakuchi , guinomi , and glasses that are likely to come in handy for drinking at home.

Glass Snow Goldfish Katakuchi

The goldfish seem to be swimming in the ice-filled water.

Gokurakuji Glass Studio Sake Cup
Artist's Goldfish Yukishiro Glass

A time when there are many gatherings such as Christmas and New Year. Isn't it a lot of things to spend at home with family this year? If you spend a good time with your favorite items, you will surely be able to talk about it. Also, there is no doubt that it will be appreciated as a gift for important people who like alcohol.

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