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Kazunori Takatsuka's woodworking works are made from unprocessed natural wood and each piece is carefully finished by hand. We visited his workshop and talked to him.

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Kazunori Takatsuka works with wood every day at his workshop in Shioya Town, Tochigi Prefecture, known as the village of water . I set up a workshop in this location when I was 30 years old.

``I didn't have any particular impetus for working with wood.It's really just my intuition.However, I've always liked making things, so I wanted to be involved in manufacturing, so I started working as a craftsman. I have entered the world of Mingei.The idea of ​​Mingei also stimulates me.”

When I entered the workshop, the unique smell of wood filled the air.
You will be drawn into Mr. Takatsuka's fun stories with a bright atmosphere.

Kazunori Takatsuka's woodworker's workshop

Mr. Takatsuka, who studied woodworking in Tachikawa, Tokyo, when he was young, got a job at a company that created store interiors. Even though his salary was small, he did not hesitate to use it to pay for tools.

Now, together with young people, each piece of tableware and furniture is painstakingly produced.

Kazunori Takatsuka's workshop

Production begins with purchasing raw wood through bidding. It is said that Gifu, where woodworking is popular, attracts wood from all over Japan. The store owner, who loves history, was excited to hear that Gifu had a long history of castle-building, so the distribution of wood was popular.

Because we know how to look at good logs, we can understand the wood's characteristics and use the right material in the right place. Especially when making furniture, he seems to keep these textures and properties in mind.

``I believe that trees are close to God, and I cherish the feeling of giving them form,'' says Takatsuka. Our sincere approach to wood is also reflected in the works we create.

Now, let's introduce the works that we handle!

A single meal that creates a special feeling at the table. The ``tree carving'' is carefully done using cherry wood. It has a dignified appearance like a grove of neatly lined trees.

Kazunori Takatsuka single meal online sale

There is also a round shape. (Diameter approx. 28cm)
Kazunori Takatsuka's one-person meal mail order

The bread plate is available in a large size (24cm).
This beautiful item is made from cherry wood and conveys the rhythmic carvings of the ``honeycomb carving'' and the warmth of the wood.

Kazunori Takatsuka's large size bread plate online sale

The stylish square tray has a simple form with a flat surface and minimal waste.

Kazunori Takatsuka's Sakura board mail order

The cutting hoard is a walnut tree. Enjoy stylish cafe meals at home. Part of the fun is seeing the texture change as you use it.

Kazunori Takatsuka's cutting board mail order

We also have coasters.
This can also be used as a small plate. It gives the table a very stylish atmosphere.

Kazunori Takatsuka's coaster mail order

In order to take advantage of the natural texture of the wood, the surface is untreated and finished with oil. It is important to avoid foods that are oily or have strong odors, and to dry them naturally in a well-ventilated place as much as possible before storing them. As part of your daily care, when the surface loses its luster, apply perilla oil, linseed oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil, etc. to improve water repellency and prevent dirt and mold from accumulating. *Please be assured that with your purchase, we will include a more detailed explanation of how to handle the product based on recommendations from the author.

As time passes, the color will become more familiar and tasteful. Another appeal of woodworking is that you can enjoy the changes over time. Why not bring it into your home as something that will last a lifetime?

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