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Yuya Machida is a pottery artist who runs his family farming business in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture. Actually, the workshop was set up at a distance that I could go by bicycle from the owner's parents' house. We are now able to handle it from such a strong relationship!

Yuya Machida's studio visit

Machida's works are also popular at Mashiko Pottery Market, one of the largest pottery fairs in the Kanto region. When you actually see it, you can see that even the parts that are simple but require a lot of time and effort have been painstakingly crafted.

The most important thing when making pottery is "ease of use". On top of that, it is produced considering the balance of ease of holding and texture, which can be easily blended into daily life, and which is particular about handwork.

Mr. Machida, who has always wanted to create something, learned all about crafts such as woodworking and glass at a design school. When I was wondering how to make a living by making things, I got the chance to learn while working at a pottery in Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture.

“It was a coincidence. When I asked around the time I graduated from school, I was told that there was a vacancy. I was desperate.” Mr. Machida says that he was able to manage with the support of his friends who were studying at the same time. Even now, about 90% of his works are made on a potter's wheel. He says that the idea that it is the basics was driven into him when he was young.

Mr. Machida's potter's wheel
Saitama pottery artist (Mr. Yuya Machida)

After that, he opened a kiln in his hometown of Tokorozawa. Currently, he is making pottery while working in the family farm. It seems that he is getting various hints for production because he is involved in "soil".

Yuya Machida visit report

“I go out to the fields around 4:30 in the morning, and the scenery of the morning mist and the beauty of nature remain in my mind for a long time, and I often use my hands to express them somehow.”

Yuuya Machida

Mr. Machida says that making food and making tableware are basically the same. When you make it, do it with love, spare no effort... be honest. I want to be particular about what goes into people's mouths and what they use when eating because they are indispensable in life. It may be the same with the preparation of daily meals. The shopkeeper once again thought that he would cherish that kind of time.

"Awashiro", which we will handle this time, is a vessel that has a dignified appearance like a stone carving and a texture that feels warm. Formed using red clay. After applying the glaze, the shading is carefully applied with a sponge.

Yuya Machida's white 6-inch plate
Vase by Yuya Machida

Since the expression changes depending on the place where it is fired, there are some things that you can't really know until you take it out of the kiln.

Yuya Machida Mug Cup
White Mug Cup (Yuya Machida)

The "Naminami" series uses fine white clay. Since it is not powdered, it is said that eye stop is not necessary.

Yuya Machida's Seven Sun Plate

The curves of the waves are made with fingers one by one. The fact that there is no big difference in the shape of the waves gives me a sense of the craftsmanship. I want to leave a moderate mark of handwork that is difficult to express with a mold.

Yuya Machida's Bowl (Naminami) mail order

"Cracks" are small cracks (cracks formed by the shrinkage of the soil when baked) with a faint color of red iron (glaze containing iron) and coffee boiled. The patterns that nature unfolds from time to time are full of interest.

Yuya Machida's jug (small)
Yuya Machida cracker
7 inch plate by Yuya Machida

Popular Moss series. This time, we have prepared a deep and astringent moss green vase. Since the glaze is applied repeatedly with a brush, each piece has a unique expression. The red clay that contains a lot of iron is used, so the rust color is also interesting and wonderful!

Moss by Yuya Machida

I'm sure you will continue to create vessels that blend in with nature and life. (Thank you for letting me bother you this time. I'm looking forward to your wonderful works in the future!)

Mr. Machida's wife opened the Colere Pottery & Farm Shop , which sells vegetables, jams, and Mr. Machida's works. If you're in the area, come on!
we are open on Fridays and Saturdays, but please check the business days as they may change.

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