Mino-yaki pottery in the Higashi No district (Gifu)

Minoyaki is a general term for ceramics produced in the southeastern part of Gifu Prefecture (Toki City, Tajimi City, Mizunami City, and Kani City). The Tono region is Japan's largest pottery production base, and Toki City is known as the number one production town in Japan, boasting more than half the share of all pottery in Japan. There are many potteries, and individual artists from all over Japan gather here and use it as a base for their activities. Every year during Golden Week in May, large pottery markets such as the Tajimi Pottery Festival and the Toki Minoyaki Festival are held.

I tried to collect pottery artists who are making pottery in Toki and Mizunami. We also have unique items, so please take a look!

[Walking around the pottery production area]
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