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The lovely things you find in your daily life make you feel warm and relaxed. A vessel that warms such a heart has arrived from Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Present plate by Atelier Monra

Naomi Ishizu, the maker, is active as an artist in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, under the name of Atelier Mo No Ra. It seems that the adorable bear plate that I received this time was born from my son, who is now an adult.

Atelier Monora-san's bear bowl

" I made this because I thought that every day would be exciting if I looked closely at my children's meals every day and realized that it was a bear! I feel that it is important for people to grow up.

Ms. Ishizu is a kindergarten teacher who runs a pottery class. During the summer vacation, children's pottery experience classes are held, and they enjoy making things with 100 children every year. From the state of the story, the affection and gentle personality for children is overflowing.

“I started pottery because I wanted to make Yayoi-style earthenware. I learned by attending art classes and pottery classes at university. Before you know it, more than 20 years have passed.”

Ms. Ishizu says that his favorite part of pottery is ``where there is no correct answer''.

“It doesn’t matter what you make, and if you don’t like it, you can remake it as many times as you like. I believe that soil creation is about deciding how it will be done, rather than others deciding how it will be completed. Freedom is age. It feels like the more you remove it, the narrower it becomes, but it's actually infinite.” You are the one who sets your limits... Ms Ishizu's fresh sensibilities and ideas are reflected in his works, and they are all fun just to look at. I make pottery every day with the hope that you will feel relieved and warm when you pick it up.

Here are some of the wonderful works!

A ``present plate'' that excites you just by looking at it.

It seems that the reason for the birth was that he thought, "If you use a gift box-shaped container, it will make the taste even more magical."

Atelier Monora's present vessel

Present plate by Atelier Monra

You can feel the excitement!

We asked you to make a "pink gift plate"!
I can't say anything about soft and gentle apples.

cute pink gift plate

The work is made by ``tatara-zukuri'', in which clay is shaped into a plate.
There is a taste of handwork that is different from producing with a potter's wheel. It seems that various soils are used depending on the work. The work below (Karatsu + white dots) uses Karatsu soil.

Atelier Monora's present vessel

The red ribbon knot is the point of the gourd dish, which is likely to be very useful on special occasions. I hope that various relationships will be connected...

Gourd bowl mail order


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If you look closely, the bear is hiding!
It is so cute that you want to talk to it.

Atelier Monra's bear container
Mug by Atelier Monra

``Mo No Ra'', which is also attached to the author's name, is a Native American word that means ``Mother Earth''. It is carefully produced with the thought that the warmth of handmade and the warmth of the earth can be conveyed from the creator to the user.

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