Wrapped in a warm feeling -Hamiya-

Adorable hina dolls and vessels from "Hahamiya", which is produced in Saga Arashiyama, Kyoto, have arrived!

Works handled by Hahamiya

"The image of a warm, enveloping stomach, like the stomach that everyone has been in. A vessel is also something that wraps food, and it is also born from the soil, the earth. 'I named it.'

Sachiko-san, who has a charming smile that brightens up the surroundings, and Atsushi-san , the husband who is full of sincere personality. Hahamiya is a unit produced by a married couple.

``I value meeting people, work with sincerity in whatever is in front of me, and make people feel warm and kind when they pick me up...'' I am making pottery.

After graduating from university, Mr. Atsushi wanted to work with his hands, so he studied design at the Kyoto Prefectural Ceramics Technical College. “ I used to be a craftsman at a kiln in Kyoto, so I put marks on the pottery and painted them, so I think the pattern is fairly uniform,” says Atsushi. The delicate and colorful patterns drawn in detail are graceful.

His wife, Sachiko, studied at an art college in her hometown of Osaka, and then worked at a pottery class. Since I draw in the flow of the moment without drawing a rough sketch, the painting is free and expressive. The sharpness of Sachiko's sensibility is directly reflected in the work, giving it a unique presence.

The two of them make it in a game, but it seems that they are making use of what they learned in Kyoto and what they can do now to bring it closer to their ideal shape.

Scenery of making pottery
Hahamiya's production scenery

We also have a store at the Shigaraki Writer's Market, where artists selected from all over the country gather during Golden Week.


The booth at Shigaraki Artist Market. The signboard is cute too.

Shigaraki Artist Market

Well, let's introduce the work!

As the saying goes, "Working on what's in front of you with sincerity," when you look at the work you can see how much time and effort went into it. When the shopkeeper first saw the work, he couldn't help but exclaim, "Wow!"

For example, the red part of this cup is overpainted.
After bisque firing, underglazing is applied, and after firing, the process of painting again is called “overglazing.” Although it is necessary to go through many processes, transparency, depth, and richness of expression increase.

hamiya mug
Hamiya mug and plate

I create each piece with sincerity with a brush. is this hand drawn? It is so detailed that you will be fascinated by every corner. The cute appearance will make your heart excited and happy.

Hahamiya's container mail order
Hahamiya-san mug online sale

This time, we also made a very cute hina doll!

A warm expression and a depth of taste that is not the same as one. You will be drawn into the gorgeous and elegant view of the world!

Hahamiya's Dolls
Hamiya dolls

Kyo-bina dolls are dolls made in Kyoto, and the emperor and empress are on the right side in the opposite position.

“I like the standing hina dolls that I inherited from my grandmother, and they were Kyoto-style, so I make them that way too.

The rug with an elegant atmosphere also complements the hina dolls.

Hamiya Hina dolls mail order

Mr. Hamiya, who refers to old Japanese patterns, temple folding screens, and Chinese patterns, creates products that make people happy. I look forward to seeing your wonderful works!

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