To deliver happy feelings -Yu Ishizuka-

We will be handling the works of Haruka Ishizuka, who is making at the glass studio in Chiba!

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Ms. Ishizuka's adorable works that will slowly relax your mind in your busy daily life. It seems that her style is overflowing with kindness, while maintaining his polite and soft personality.

Born in Kyoto, Ms Ishizuka grew up in an environment where arts and crafts were familiar to her, partly because his parents were dyers. While enrolled in the Faculty of Humanities at Kyoto Seika University, spent six months in Australia for a fieldwork project.

“When I was in Australia, I was interested in glass when I saw the graduation exhibition of the glass department of the University of Canberra when I participated in a field survey of Aboriginal art. I entered the Toyama Institute of Art and Design, which was kindly offered to me,” says Ms Ishizuka.

Learned the basic theory and techniques of glass modeling at the Toyama Art Institute, which was established as the first public educational institution specializing in glass art in Japan. Her husband, Yohei Goto, a glass artist, is also a graduate of the same school. After that, in 2012, he and his wife established "Fuji Glass Studio" in Chiba. Currently, we are producing solo exhibitions, special exhibitions, custom-made stained glass production, and orders from designers and companies.

Ms. Ishizuka uses a technique called kiln work.

“There are various methods of kiln work, but I melt glass grains and powder in an electric furnace to make parts and sheet glass. We arrange them, cut them, combine them, and fire them again to add patterns and patterns.Instead of firing them once, we fire them multiple times to complete a single piece.”

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The color of the glass is created by mixing the one in the image from about 100 types. Simply choose your favorite colors and patterns and express them intuitively.

A lemon plate that can't say anything about cute lemons.

Yu Ishizuka's lemon plate mail order

This time we prepared a bean plate and a small plate. One of the charms of glass is that you can enjoy the expression that changes depending on how the light hits it.

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The pretty flower bowl looks like the pretty little flowers are floating on the water's edge.

Yu Ishizuka's flower vase mail order

We also made a cute reindeer mamezara.

Yu Ishizuka's pottery sale
Yu Ishizuka's reindeer small plate mail order

After leaving the hands of the creator, it is produced with a warm wish that those who use it and look at it can forget their busy daily life for a moment and feel happy.

I look forward to seeing your wonderful works!

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