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Kikakikaku's pottery has attractive patterns drawn in a refreshing indigo color. We will also handle it at our store. We asked them about the production process.

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Kikakikaku is produced by his wife, Ai Watanabe, and her husband, Takumi Murayama.

Ai, who is from Shizuoka Prefecture, worked at an import toy company after graduating from university. It all started when I went to the Mashiko Pottery Market around that time.

"I've lived alone for a long time since I was a student, but although I love to eat in general, I'm not good at cooking, and my rice wasn't good enough. In the meantime, I thought it would be delicious if I ate it in the bowl I bought at the pottery market! I bought it and served it. Whether it was simply boiled, cut, or stir-fried, the pottery made me feel that it was delicious, which was the reason I entered the path of pottery.”

After retiring from an import toy trading company, she studied ceramic making at the Aichi Prefectural Ceramics Technical College. Involving her husband Takumi in 2014, she became independent in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Takumi didn't have anything to do with pottery at first, but now he is in charge of shaping the works. ''Recently, I've gotten better at making tatara. '' said Ai. Working together with Takumi, whose hobby is cooking, he creates works that make food stand out every day. Aiming for a tableware for everyday use, we are thinking about the goodness of stacking, durability, size, etc., so for those who have purchased it, ``I can't help but use it at the front of the cupboard. It seems that when I received the word '', I was so happy that my smile naturally overflowed.

"The technique is clumsy and clumsy, and I feel like I can make dozens or even hundreds of them. The onion pattern is also a pattern that I was able to do by practicing the brush (left curve, straight line, right curve)." Love.

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Unusual, modern, tasteful and unique plates are perfect for any kind of cuisine. You will be fascinated by the lively and flowing pattern of the touch.

Kikakikaku's pottery sales

By fully firing for nearly 30 hours in a gas kiln using a **reduction firing, it becomes a moist texture, clear color, and durable fabric. **How ​​to bake in a lack of oxygen

How to fill the kiln, how to fine tune the air, how to fight against wind, temperature and drowsiness… I fill in the table by hand and add graphs every time, but it doesn’t always work out the same way.” I can't afford to leave the rest to the kiln, and I struggle every time and am overwhelmed by the power of the flames.Recently, I like the vivid and nostalgic baking that looks like a picture just before it starts to flow. said Ai.

His sincere approach to production is overflowing in them works.

Kikakikaku's Soba Inoguchi
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When she traveled to Turkey as a student, she was inspired by the scenery of the city, buildings, and bazaars filled with colors and patterns. ''There aren't many paints that can be used for reduction firing, so currently the painting is mostly indigo, but I would like to use a lot of colors someday. ''The ambition of manufacturing is endless. A bowl with a colorful pattern would be nice too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in the future!

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