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Marika Kato, who creates works with a neat and gentle atmosphere in Kyoto. This time, we will be handling plates at our store. I heard about the production!
Marika Kato's vessel

Ms. Kato's parents were potters, so she was in an environment where pottery was familiar. Although he has been familiar with pottery since he was a child, he gained experience at a pottery school in Kyoto and worked at a pottery factory to refine her modeling skills.

``slip-trailed decoration'', a traditional technique, is a drawing technique in which softened clay is squeezed out with a dropper-like tool. The delicate painting, which is also the charm of Ms. Kato's work, uses slip-trailed decoration technique to express a unique world view with a soft and fluffy impression.

Marika Kato's vessel

Simple plants that are never gorgeous. The goodness of motifs such as raspberry, lavender, mimosa, lily of the valley, cosmos, etc., which gives you a sense of cuteness and ephemerality, is gently incorporated into ceramics.

Marika Kato
Marika Kato's vessel

The base material is a calming ivory color. The beauty of the margins is also pleasing, and the understated beautiful painting stands out.

Marika Kato's vessel
Marika Kato's pottery sales

“I want to bring out the soft matte atmosphere of the glaze without damaging the color of the painting, so I use oxidation firing for a long time,” says Ms. Kato. The pottery is carefully made without sparing time and effort to bring it closer to your image.

I met Ms. Kato at an artist's fair in Shigaraki.
Marika Kato Shigaraki Artist Market

Ms. Kato was born and raised in a sea town in Miyagi Prefecture. Coincidentally, the mother of the owner couple (wife) is also from Miyagi Prefecture, so the story was lively from the first time we talked.

Marika Kato's works for sale

Marika-san's own atmosphere is neat and nice, and overlaps with the image of the work.
Currently produced in Kyoto.

Marika Kato's vessel

Since it is a porcelain vessel, it does not absorb much water compared to ceramics, and the artist has applied a water-repellent finish during production, so there is no need to seal it before use. Feel free to use it as is. However, since it is a delicate decoration, we recommend hand washing.

I want to make everyday life a little bit more special,” says Ms. Kato.

I hope you will continue to create wonderful works. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in the future!

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