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Misao Yajima, who makes pottery in Shiga. We will be handling it at our store this time! We asked her about the production process.
Misao Yajima sells pottery

Ms. Yajima's pottery is packed with various pleasures like a treasure box.

“Clay (ceramic art ) was a material that I encountered by chance, but once I started working with it, I found it very profound .

''We cherish the change of the four seasons and put our hearts into producing the pieces that add even a little color to our daily lives. ''I was very happy when the answer came back, and our thoughts and thoughts overlapped.

In fact, Japan is one of the few countries in the world with four distinct seasons, and the four seasons have nurtured a diverse culture, including rich food and tableware. It felt that it was being nurtured, and there is a history of naming our shop ``Shikiori''. Ms. Yajima says that when she feels the change of seasons, her heart will be full.

The richly expressive painting, which is sometimes used as a rough sketch, is so cute that you can't help but smile when you look at it.

A girl's container manipulated by Yajima
Misao Yajima's Deer Vessel

did we meet you somewhere? a pretty girl.

Yajima Misao's cloud-shaped bowl

It feels fresh because I carefully draw my feelings at that time without drafting. Each item is unique and full of charm.

Misao Yajima sells pottery

The Iroe series has an irresistible excitement like a page in a story.
Misao Yajima cup and saucer
Yajima Misao Iroe Plate

“Since I started living in the mountains, I think that animal motifs have increased . "

``It's not a big deal, it's just a small part of everyday life,'' says Yajima. In addition to the scenes and things that have been quietly hidden in the treasure chest of the heart in ordinary life, she seems to be inspired by handicrafts, indigenous culture, and folk art during his favorite trips. Based on Japanese elements, it is an attractive piece that has a warm and nostalgic impression.

Works handled by Misao Yajima
List of Misao Yajima's vessels

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