Mutsumi Hirai

We will be handling works by Mutsumi Hirai, a glass artist from Okayama Prefecture!

Works handled by Mutsumi Hirai

Ms. Hirai, who became independent as a glass artist in 2012, first encountered glass when she was studying at Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts as part of a course.

The moment I touched it, I wanted to make it. The melted glass was so beautiful, so that was one of the reasons,” says Ms. Hirai.

She also went on a short-term study abroad program to Seattle, USA, where he learned about glass. Glass is also deeply involved in hippie culture, and Seattle has a thriving workshop.

Ms. Hirai's works, which have honed his sensibilities in various places , are all wonderful things that change the space stylishly just by being there.

The shape is formed by blowing glass technique. The part to be patterned is masked, and the parts other than the pattern are painstakingly removed by sandblasting (a process in which a sand-like abrasive is sprayed on the surface).

You can't get the gloss all at once, so you have to put it in and take it out of the furnace so that it doesn't crack, and then adjust it until it's just the right gloss. It is a work while being careful not to collapse the shape.

Produced by Mutsumi Hirai

The glass cannot be left outside while it is being made, so it is always put in and out of the furnace, being careful not to break it.

The small dots and lines on the patterned part of the MARU glass are decorated with a leutor (electric cutting instrument) like the one used by dentists. The MARU glass is made after a lot of time and effort. The rounded form is also cute and soothing.

Works handled by Mutsumi Hirai

Selling Mutsumi Hirai's Round Glass

Easy to hold and easy to drink!

This time, we have also prepared a very stylish straight glass with a round pattern in which three-dimensional dots are arranged rhythmically.

Glass by Mutsumi Hirai

The small diameter makes it difficult for carbonic acid to escape, so you can enjoy the fizzy feeling of carbonated water and soda for a long time. Perfect for carbonated cocktails and sparkling wine!

Mutsumi Hirai glass mail order

The beautiful blue color is soothing, and it seems that adults will continue to drink at home.

I create every day with the thought that " I want to be able to share in the moment of everyday life of that person."

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Works handled by Mutsumi Hirai

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