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Yuka Taneda, who is active as ``poetoria'', creates very lovely items that are somewhat curious.

Poetoria spoon mail order

Born in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Ms. Taneda studied art theory, including art history, and aesthetic theory that evaluates and discusses things objectively at a university in Kyoto. At that time, he thought, ``I want to make something,'' and joined a pottery circle at his university, which is said to be the reason he started pottery.

Ms. Taneda is still working as a pottery artist in Kyoto. I'm surprised that the technology was learned almost by self-study. Rich expressiveness and a variety of colors create a simple and gentle world view . If you want to express a texture like a watercolor painting, you can layer different glazes to change the color, use gravity to make it blur, or choose a glaze that makes the crystal pattern stand out. It expresses a gentle and soft feeling like a watercolor painting. It seems that they are adopting their favorite combination that they found after repeated tests in this way. It seems that there are times when improvised combinations are used to create one-of-a-kind items, but it is interesting, but also difficult, that the final result is not known until the final product is baked.
poetoria measuring spoon mail order

Measuring spoons of animals that will be handled at our shop. Cute animals drawn with a pencil in a notebook suddenly turned into pottery.
cat spoon mail order from poetoria

''Akita dog'' was made by our original. I can't get enough of this stupid face! You can scoop about 1 cup of coffee beans (about 10g).
Even though she's so cute, she does her job properly!

Poetoria's Akita dog spoon mail order
Poetoria Akita Inu Spoon Mail Order

Even the same animal has a different face. The side motifs are also different for each piece, so please find your favorite!

poetoria Usagi no Spoon Mail Order
poetoria animal coffee spoon mail order

Please avoid using the microwave oven and dishwasher as it is made with delicate details. Also, if you use it for dry things such as coffee beans, black tea, and green tea leaves, you don't need a filler. It's okay to leave it in the storage container.

poetproa dog spoon shop

''Poetoria'' means poetry. As the name suggests, we aim to create works that quietly speak to us while gently snuggling up to our daily lives. In the future , she said that he would like to make one-of-a-kind items such as dolls and flower vases, such as the "God" series, which personifies the eight million gods .

We are looking forward to your continued success!

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