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Ms. Rie Shoji, who is making handmade pottery that retains warmth in Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture. We asked her about the making of her works.

Rie Shoji's works for sale

“Since I was a child, my parents took me to pottery fairs, and while I was studying at university , I became more and more interested in pottery. While valuing individual differences in appearance and individuality , we also pay attention to functionality so that it is as light and durable as possible .”

Ms. Shoji carefully answers each question. The simple yet expressive works unique to handmade seem to have a sublime beauty, and when you see them, you will feel a sense of immersion in your heart.

Rie Shoji sells straw ash bowls

A straw ash vessel with a delicate penetration and a gentle brown color. As the name suggests, it is made from straw ash.

Rie Shoji straw ash bowl for sale

The muddy soil is applied to the base soil, and when fired, there is a difference in the shrinkage rate, so only the muddy part cracks. If the mud is thick, the cracks will appear flashy, and if the mud is thin, it will look gentle.

Ms. Shoji likes bread, baked sweets, and dishes that are ``brown''.

“Sometimes I
feel like I’m unknowingly asking for that in my own bowls, too.

Rie Shoji sells straw ash bowls

The darker shades of black are colored black with pigment and then glazed. By intentionally brushing it so that it is not uniform, the texture will gradually become moist as you use it.

Rie Shoji sells black pottery

''Almond bowl'' that can also be used as an accent for the table

Rie Shoji almond bowl

The white part is covered with muddy soil, and the brown part is masked so that the muddy soil is not covered in order to make the most of the base soil. The glaze has a transparent glaze over the entire surface, giving it a calm and slightly glossy surface.

Ms. Shoji says that the first thing she keeps in mind when creating a product is that it is easy to use. '' Although not all, we try to match as many foods as possible. ''.

When you serve food, the dishes and the dishes look the most attractive.

Click here for a list of works handled by Rie Shoji
List of works handled by Rie Shoji

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