The Beauty of White Space and Imperfections Enjoyed in Everyday Life - Shuji Codama -

We will be handling works by Shuji Codama, an artist from Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture! These works have a special presence because they are simple and stripped of unnecessary things. I asked him about the production process.

Shuji Kodama

"When I went to see Lucy Lee's exhibition, I saw the 'knit pattern', and if there is a knit, I personally like denim, so I thought 'denim pattern'. When I was thinking about what to do, I thought, ``No, no, I would rather use canvas than denim!

As the saying goes, the canvas series is a work that looks like a painting that is completed when food or drink is added. In order to express the image of a canvas-like coarse cloth, he uses a pig brush with relatively stiff bristles and paints in several coats.

Shuji Kodama round plate

“Many of my works are thin, so when I apply the glaze, it saturates quickly and the medicine doesn’t get on, so I apply the base coat in two or three coats, then let it rest before finishing. We use ash glaze on the inside of the cups, etc. We are also particular about using our own raw ash.” The texture and form that you want to stick to because it's something you pick up and use. We will spare no effort and effort to finish it carefully.

Shuji Kodama Mug

Codama's work is inspired by mid-century design, including the aforementioned Austrian potter Lucy Rie, who was active in England, and has a lot of aesthetic sense of margins and ephemeral things that are characteristics of Japanese beauty. It's clogged.

“It’s something you use every day, but I try not to focus too much on ease of use, warmth, and warmth.
I think that an unbreakable vessel is a container and not a 'vessel'.”Mr.

Shuji Kodama morning glory bowl

Enjoy a space with a little comfortable tension that you can treat with a little bit of awareness... Such a time will surely be a special moment.

Works handled by Shuji Kodama

Shigaraki clay is used and the glaze is feldspar. Firing is a reduction firing and the temperature is a little higher. A style in which it is difficult to adjust the thickness of the glaze and the degree of reduction.

Shuji Kodama Mug

It was about two years ago that the owner first met Mr. Kodama. I was so happy to be able to handle Mr. Kodama's work because my wish came true. I just started the shop + I was really worried about the future due to the corona whirlpool, but I was full of energy. thank you very much!

Mr. Codama first encountered ceramics when he happened to find a pamphlet in his high school's career guidance room and went to a traditional arts and crafts school in Kyoto. It seems that he was attracted to '' and continues to this day. Many people are fascinated by the works that mix elements such as traditional techniques and knowledge cultivated at the pottery, Rimpa school and tea ceremony.

“There are so many things I want to do, so I want to keep experimenting until I die,” says Kodama. I'm looking forward to your continued wonderful work and more and more success!

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