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A view of the world where the characters appearing in fairy tales have been turned into pottery as they are. The animals created by Sugar Poppo have a strong presence of each character, like a charming leading role or a supporting role, and just looking at them will make you smile.

Works handled by Sugar Poppo

“It was a gift for a married friend that gave me the origin of my artist name, ``Sugar Poppo,'' and the reason why I decided to be ceramicist.

Sugar Poppo, who studied two-dimensional expression in the printmaking department at university, realized that he prefers to create three-dimensional objects with his own hands. Also, when I was thinking that making things that people can pick up and use, rather than creating works of art, I came across ceramics. I combine my favorite animal motifs with things that can be used as a part of life, not objects, to create my current production style. It all started when I made a sugar poppo for a friend's wedding present with my thoughts on the dove, which is a symbol of peace and fertility. He was also fascinated by the freedom of adding and subtracting to pottery, and the fact that you don't know how it will turn out until it's baked.

Built kiln in Wakayama Prefecture in 2021. Sugar Poppo is still a rookie artist, but she has created a number of works that are fascinating. When the owner saw Sugar Poppo's work for the first time at the Shigaraki Artist's Market in 2022, he fell in love at first sight with each and every one of his works, which are full of individuality and charm. I remember calling you right away.

Booth at Shigaraki Artist Market

Sugar Poppo's work is not only cute, but it is also interesting that it is somewhat realistic and realistic. Wonderland? It's a wonderful feeling of excitement as if you've lost your way.

Sugar Poppo Cat Plate
Sugar Poppo

“When I create, I first place importance on whether or not I think I am cute. Then, I create pottery with the desire to create tableware that allows each user to create stories with animals
. increase."

As you said, you can imagine the gestures, voices, and personalities of the animals, and you can enjoy the fun of spreading the wings of your imagination.

Sugar Poppo pot

“In addition to the animals I have created so far, I would like to try making animals that are not found in Japan,” says Sugar Poppo. I'm looking forward to your future activities!

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