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We would like to hear from Yukiko Nagahama, who makes pottery in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Yukiko Nagahama's girl vessel

Ms. Nagahama, who is from Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, has loved drawing since she was a child, and her future dream in elementary school was written as "illustrator". Ms. Nagahama was such a person, but she really liked looking at pottery, and when she saw works at department stores, she wanted to become a potter. Even now I think, ``Why? ''It seems that he herself thought that she would become a potter someday because it was a very natural feeling . As you said, I studied pottery at Musashino Art Junior College, majoring in ceramics, and then studied under an artist in Oiso. After becoming independent in Oiso, she moved her kiln to Yokohama in 2003.

Production is not only ceramics, but brass cutlery is also produced. In fact, Ms. Nagahama's husband is also a writer who makes works using iron, and his workshop is on the same site.

This lovely post is handmade by her husband!
Yukiko Nagahama

“I had the material for brass cutlery and the environment to make it, so I decided to give it a try.”

Ms. Nagahama happily talks. As we talked, I could feel the excitement of her love of making things.

Well, let's introduce the work right away!

A picture with some nostalgia.
She likes French antiques, and she seems to incorporate such favorites into her works. It seems that the warm texture of the overpainting will gently heal your heart.

Yukiko Nagahama's bird and flower vase mail order
Mug cup mail order of Yukiko Nagahama

The soil is Seto blended soil. Since it is a semi-porcelain work, it has a soft earthy texture and a porcelain sparkle. We make and form molds by ourselves that gently leave marks on our hands.

Yukiko Nagahama's mail order
Yukiko Nagahama bowl mail order

There are also works that appear to be intrusive. The crack pattern (penetration) caused by the shrinkage of the glaze during firing gives the work depth and flavor.

Yukiko Nagahama's plate mail order

A girl series with nostalgic scenes.

Yukiko Nagahama's girl vessel mail order

I try to adjust the size and shape to fit modern life. It seems that the size of the cup was adjusted to a little smaller than before, inspired by the way his son brews coffee. Indeed, there are many people who are particular about coffee and those who drink small amounts at specialty shops.

The girl cup is modern with a classic look on the raised part.
80% Capacity is about 150ml.

Yukiko Nagahama girl mug mail order

This antique series was created with the image of European antiques. Antica is Nagahama's slang. The calm and simple colors and the elegant shape are very nice!

Yukiko Nagahama

We recommend that you do (medome) before using Ms. Nagahama's work for the first time. In particular, the Antica series is easy to absorb moisture, so we recommend that you use it before the first use in order to enjoy the gradual change over time.

Ms. Nagahama's recommended method for Medome:

Put enough water for washing the rice in a pot (if you don't have any water for washing the rice, you can add a little flour to the water) and put the rice bowl over medium-low heat . please. Then turn off the heat and let it cool naturally. When it cools down, wash it with a neutral detergent and dry it thoroughly before using.

You can prevent color stains and oil stains to some extent by blocking the eyes. It's troublesome, but you can enjoy your favorite vessel for a long time by spending a little time.

“There was a young person who bought it for the first time as an artist’s pottery, and I was really happy when he told me that when she served the food and ate it, the taste was different.I would like to continue making such pottery. I think so,” said Ms. Nagahama. I hope that you will continue to create wonderful works with your overflowing creativity.

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