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Asako Okamura moved her workshop from Okamura Kobo in Hiratsuka and to Oiso. These warm pieces have become familiar at our store. I visited the workshop, which is surrounded by greenery and feels like a secret base!

Asako Okamura

Oiso is located in the western part of the Shonan district of Kanagawa Prefecture, and is said to be the ``birthplace of Shonan.''
It has been referred to as the ``back seat of Meiji politics'' as it was a favorite place for Meiji politicians such as Shigeru Yoshida to build vacation homes. Oiso and its surrounding areas are surrounded by a sophisticated atmosphere, with a pleasant breeze from the sea and a slow flow of time unique to a summer resort, with stylish restaurants and shops selling unique and tasteful miscellaneous goods and pottery. It is scattered.

`` The studio oiso '' is a complex facility that is a renovated 55-year-old apartment building in Hongo, Kokufu. The moment I saw this nostalgic building that looked like a scene from a movie, I couldn't help but say, "Wow!"

Asako Okamura's workshop

``While I was looking for a workshop, an acquaintance of my father approached me. It used to be a potter's workshop, so it was a good idea to be able to use it as is, and there was also a space on the first floor. We have a second floor and a room, so we thought we could do a lot of fun things. We decided to give it a try,'' says Okamura.

Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you can do a lot of wonderful things here!

Asako Okamura's workshop

On the second floor, up the stairs, ``
Yado Tayu Tau '' is scheduled to open, which will accommodate up to three people. It's close to the beach and the former residence of Shigeru Yoshida, so it's a perfect base for a relaxing stay and enjoying Oiso.

In preparation for the opening in October, we are gradually making improvements to the flooring, kitchen, and walls. **When I visited, it was July, so I think things have changed quite a bit.

Tayutau Oiso

On the first floor is Ms. Okamura's workshop space.
Asako Okamura's workshop

Just like Hiratsuka's workshop, Ms. Okamura's workshop naturally makes me feel calm.

Asako Okamura's workshop

The kiln is in a separate building. A great view from the second floor.

Asako Okamura

Also scheduled to open on the first floor is ``Tsukurite Direct Sales Office Tsuki no Utatane,'' which will sell handmade works by artists. Here,
you can have endless fun with fun ideas such as events and workshops.

Ms. Okamura became addicted to working in the fields when she moved to Oiso. In the sunny space in front of the workshop, vegetables and blueberry herbs are grown with the help of neighboring farmers. Even though she was busy, I could feel her excitement, and listening to his story made me feel full of energy and excitement! I'm already looking forward to seeing what it will be like from now on.

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Asako Okamura

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