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Ms. Chiaki Shoji, who creates handmade vessels and objects full of warmth and kindness in Tochigi Prefecture. We are now able to handle it at our store! We visited the studio and asked about production and works.

Works by Chiaki Shoji

The animals and plants that Shoji creates are all very charming and fun to look at. Ms Shoji, the creator, is also a charming person who draws you in when you talk.

Originally from Tokyo, Shoji entered Waseda University to study Japanese literature. It seems that he was interested in the lifestyle and culture of the region and history, and he chose lectures from cultural anthropology to learn from narrative literature such as myths and folktales. In such a way, I will meet pottery in circle activities.

After graduating, I worked as a stylist and model room interior designer for about 7 years. It seems that he felt that it was worthwhile, but he felt that he was not good at the speed of change, always chasing trends. With that in mind , after studying pottery in the ceramics course at Kyoto University of Art and Design, he became independent in 2006 after working as a staff member at the Mashiko Ceramic Art Museum pottery workshop.

“Ceramics are fun and profound, and I never get tired of it. I feel like I just kept doing it regardless of whether it was a job or not, and I ended up here,” says Shoji.

Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Tochigi, the studio is a relaxing space with bright sunlight.

Chiaki Shoji's workshop

I have seen the kilns of various artists, but for an individual artist, this is a big kiln! This is a gas kiln.

Chiaki Shoji's Kiln


The type of cat plate that we also handle at our store.

Introduction of works by Chiaki Shoji

The creation of the work is produced from the mold. When making tableware, try to make the colors and shapes that make the food and drinks look more delicious.

Model of Chiaki Shoji

Here is an introduction to the works we handle!

Tori and cat vessels that light and gentle pastel colors make you feel light. A variety of adorable expressions will be fun.

Chiaki Shoji's cat small plate mail order
Chiaki Shoji cat dish online sale

The fun of Ms. Shoji's work is that each piece has its own personality.

Chiaki Shoji's work online sale
Chiaki Shoji's cat chopstick rest mail order

The macaron series is simple, but the soft curves that convey warmth are irresistible. The name of the work also has a sense. The sound and meaning of the words match the work.

Flambois (French for raspberry)

Oval plate online sale by artist Chiaki Shoji

Itameli (Baltic Sea in Finnish)

Chiaki Shoji's oval plate online shop

You can also choose your favorite macaron oval plate that looks like a cute candy. Please find your favorite!

Ms. Chiaki Shoji Artist's pottery sale

The work makes me feel the atmosphere of Northern Europe somewhere.

Chiaki Shoji

The first time he stayed in Scandinavia (Finland) was about 20 years ago when he was working in Tokyo, and at that time he felt the difference in the lack of people and the flow of time .

“It was a solo trip in an era when no tours were organized, and I got the impression that it was quiet wherever I went. Finnish history has taken a
very different path from Central Europe (a buffer country sandwiched between Russia and Sweden? (It has been occupied many times by the existence of a dominant force), and because of its unique history, I wondered if modern and rational design, which was separated from the influence of other countries' cultures, permeated without resistance. ” said Ms Shoji.

It was created with the hope that while being inspired by Scandinavian culture, I would be able to cherish the things that come out of me living in Japan.

(Thank you, Ms. Shoji, for all the interesting conversations. I'm looking forward to seeing you again!)

Click here for works handled by Chiaki Shoji
Chiaki Shoji's artist's pottery sale

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