I visited Shiga Shigaraki Furuya Pottery's showroom!

On a refreshing autumn day, I stopped by the Furuya Pottery Studio and store!

Furuya pottery workshop and shop


Furutani Seitojo has a workshop and store in Shigaraki, Koka City, the production area of ​​Shigaraki ware. It was recently used as the stage for NHK's morning drama "Scarlet", and it goes without saying that Shigaraki ware is produced here. Pompoko Tanuki in front of the station was also properly taking care of the infection.

Big raccoon dog in front of Shigaraki station

When the shopkeeper comes out with "Jumping Boy", he feels like "Oh, I've entered Shiga!"

Shiga Tobidashi Boy

Shiga Prefecture is the birthplace of this boy, so there are boys with various designs all over the city (!) By the way, his real name is "Tobidashi Tobita".

Esper Boy and Rockabilly Boy
Reggae in ShigarakiShigaraki Rockberry

Guided by the boys, we arrived safely!

I went to Furuya pottery

A showroom (store) in a corner of the workshop

Visited Furuya Pottery
Furuya pottery shop

In a space like a kitchen or room, it is easy to imagine the storage and combination.

Furuya Pottery SHOWROOM
Furuya Pottery Sales Office

Kiln in the workshop.

Kiln of Furuya Pottery
Furuya pottery workshop

Mr. Nobuo Furuya, the founder of Furuya pottery, is a leading expert in powder milling. Kobiki is a technique in which white clay is applied to a brown base and fired. When it was brought to Japan from Korea, it is said that it came to be called Kobiki or Kobuki because the teacup is white like powder blowing. Currently, Hirokazu Furuya, the eldest son, plays a central role in making pottery every day.

According to the staff, "Koichi-san's sense and girl power are really amazing (laughs)". It seems that Mr. Koichi is also in charge of most of the detailed arrangements such as trees and flowers that decorate the exhibition booths such as events and craft fairs.

Furuya pottery's Shinogi mug and soup cup mail order
Gosu Mug by Furuya Pottery
Iron wire mug from Furuya Pottery

Saucers and cups can be used in a variety of ways.

Furuya pottery mail order

The exquisite balance of the kohiki, the baked color, and the iron powder (black spots) that appear here and there create the depth of the earthenware.

Furuya Pottery Co.,Ltd.

At Furuya Pottery, we apply white mud to our uniquely mixed Shigaraki clay with a lot of iron content, apply glaze, and add a second firing to bring out the soft and gentle texture of "Konabiki".

Rinka Plate from Furuya Pottery
Furuya Pottery's Popular Linker Plate

“Gohonte” is a feature of kohiki pottery. The slightly soft pink spots are one of the kiln changes that appear due to reduction firing.

Furuya Pottery's Octagonal Plate Online Sale

It's as if your cheeks are blushing.

Octagonal dish mail order of Furuya pottery

Black dots Tetsusan is a manifestation of the iron content in the soil. The hand-made texture and expression are reflected in the bowl.

Furuya Pottery
Furuya pottery bowl

Koichi and his older sister Kaori, who manages the pottery factory together, actively participate in craft fairs all over the country. The "Ceramic Art Market" held in Shigaraki , which I visited , was also a great success with a steady flow of customers. Mr. Furuya Seitojo is very busy and in demand at any event, but Mr. Koichi, Mr. Kaori, and the staff always greet me with a wonderful smile whenever I meet them. It is a "warm container" that shows such a personality.

Furuya pottery apple bowl

The more you use Kobiki, the more expressive it will become. When you start using it, please wash it with detergent etc. The eye-stopper (boiled in water used to wash the rice) has the effect of preventing stains, but if it is not dried properly, it will cause stains and mold, so please be careful. In addition, it may become gray in some places when it contains moisture, which is one of the characteristics of kohiki. Don't worry, it will go back to normal once it dries. If you are worried about the oily or darkly colored food soaking into the product, dip it in water before use to prevent it from getting into the product. Compared to porcelain, pottery is more water-absorbent and stains and dirt are more likely to permeate the pottery.

"White vessel" shines in any dish and enhances the dish. Furuya pottery has a simple design that makes you feel warm because it is a tableware that you use every day. He creates hand-made pottery with "heart" that considers the user.

We are planning to increase the lineup at our store, so please look forward to it!

Furuya Pottery Factory 2397 Kamiyama, Shigaraki-cho, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture 529-1812
[Showroom business days]
Monday to Saturday (Irregular holidays on Saturdays. Please check in advance.)
[business hours] 9:00~16:00
[Phone] 0748-82-1041

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