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We interviewed Mr. Wayama, the potter of Hasami ware, at his workshop!

Wasangama was founded in 1967 by the father of the current president, Mr. Kazuki Hirota .
Kazuki, the second generation, is now the president, and his older sister is in charge of accounting, and the kiln is operated.

“Actually, until recently, Hasami ware was distributed as Arita ware and Imari ware, which were produced in the same production area. Arita and Hasami, which have no sea, were transported by ship from Imari port and Sasebo,” says Mr. Hirota.

Exports were actively carried out not only in Japan but also overseas, and it prospered as a major production area, but due to the 2002 issue of disguising the production area, stricter labeling of the production area was required, and it was called "Hasami ware". will be for sale.

After that, the branding was successful. Recently, Hasami ware has become very popular as a modern and stylish tableware for everyday use. Since it was actually sold as Arita porcelain, Hasami porcelain is of high quality. I also understand that it is because of the climate.

We toured the factory!

Next to the factory in Orishikisego, Hasami-cho, there is a police box that seems to be a production area!

Hasami police box

The nameplate is also wonderful with pottery.

Hasami ware Mr. Wayama's factory tour

It seems that they are promoting mechanization as much as possible, but there are still many manual parts.

Hasami-yaki Wazan workshop tour

Each item is carefully painted by craftsmen.

Hasami ware painting

A machine that prints by pressing a container onto a rubber-like material.
The movement is humorous and I have watched it for a long time (sweat)

Transfer machine for Hasami ware

Depending on the shape of the vessel, change the part of the shape that is pressed.

Wasan kiln tour

What a big kiln this is!

Mr. Wayama's kiln

It will be baked while moving on a belt conveyor for about 4 hours.

Factory of Hasami ware Mr. Wayama

The pottery also does a lot of OEM production, so I enjoyed visiting the pottery that is made by a certain famous company!

There is also a showroom and an outlet store next to the workshop where you can shop.

Mr. Wayama's showroom

By the way, it is introduction of product which our store handles this time!

"Relief Flower Parade" was born as a sister product of the "Flower Parade" series.

The reliefs are sculpted on a beautiful glossy surface.

Hasami ware relief flower parade mail order

Mr. Wayama has a Japanese wabi-sabi and lonely feeling. You are working on product creation every day to express the culture that protects tradition.

Wayama relief flower parade large plate mail order
Online sales of Hasami ware

It looks like it's going to be a big success as a bread plate and one plate for daily breakfast!
The muted colors are soothing to look at.

Relief flower parade Hasami ware sale

gratin bowl. Of course, it can be used as a heat-resistant vessel, but it can also be used for soup bowls and salads.

Hasami ware soup bowl mail order
Hasami ware gratin bowl mail order

Hasami-cho is made up of a group of professionals who specialize in the division of labor (model shops, fabric shops, potteries, etc.). Among them, each kiln produces unique works.

Mr. Wayama aims to make tableware that makes everyday dining fun, which is also the concept
, and that people can be ``harmony'' through meals, and people are ``relaxed''. I'm here.

(Wayama-san, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules!)

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Walking around Hasami Town

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