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"Hana Craft" makes unique products such as the ink-filled Kannyu series, the indescribable shades of candy glaze, and the cute and warmly painted pottery. We are going to handle it newly at our store!

Hana Craft Plate

The other day, I visited a workshop in Hokota City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and asked about various things.

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"Hana Craft" is a workshop run by husband and wife Koichi Hara and wife Sawako Nakamura, who are both from Tokyo. Koichi is mainly in charge of making pottery, and Sawako is in charge of making and painting porcelain.

The two of them met when they were young at the workplace of a record store in Tokyo known to those in the know. In particular, husband, Koichi -san, is a fan of punk rock, and even now there are pictures of The Who and the Sex Pistols on the walls of his studio, and the shop owner (husband) who loves Western music is also a college student. Because of that, I discovered that I may have met him around that time (about 20 years ago?!)..! Talking about music got me pumped up for a while.

Hana craft studio visit

His wife, Sawako, is a wonderful woman whose kindness and warmth overflow from her whole body. Sawako, who has loved making things since she was a child, became interested in pottery and decided to study at a pottery training school in Seto City. And Koichi left the record store with a lighthearted feeling of "well, it's interesting" and decided to study together. At that time, I didn't really think that it would be my life's work, so I don't know what will happen in my life.

After that, they studied under Mr. Takumi Kuroiwa, a ceramic artist in Mino. Worked as a painter at a pottery in Mino. At the same time, I will launch “Hana Craft”. In 2005, I decided to have a workshop in the current location near the sea. It seems that it was difficult at the time for the two of them, who were originally from Tokyo and had no local connections, to find a suitable location for their workshop.

“I was lucky to be able to use the property of someone who happened to be doing pottery,” says Sawako. He said that various coincidences and encounters overlapped to make him what he is today.

Hana craft studio visit

Even though Koichi's pottery and cups are made of ceramic, when you actually hold them, you'll be surprised at how light and thin they are. It's just the right weight for a woman to carry. And the suppleness of the petals. The elegant ink penetration is also one of the attractions.
Hana Craft medium size pot

“I used to make porcelain, so maybe I made it thin,” Koichi says.

After glazing and baking, we wait for a while for the ink to appear, and then add ink. It is said that once the ink has penetrated, it will not wash off even if it is washed, and on the contrary, it will prevent dirt from entering. When baked in the kiln, the slightly reddish color that appears as it reacts with the iron content also varies from piece to piece, giving it a unique taste.

Hana Craft Ink Penetration Plate

The amber glaze is a very subdued shade of amber. The luster of the glaze is just right, and the dishes and ingredients look beautiful. The beautiful gradation in the center of the inner bowl looks like it has been traced with a brush. It seems that this is the trace of the glaze that flowed out from the shavings of the rim part and naturally flowed by firing in the kiln. It is a beauty that draws you in.

Hana Craft’s candy glaze vessel
Hana Craft Plate

This time, we also specially treated a mini hill that is usually only exhibited at the pottery market.

Hana Craft mini hill
Hana Craft's candy glaze mini hill

Ms. Sawako creates a lot of porcelain pottery with cute paintings.
A matryoshka dish with a gentle painting.

Hana Craft Mayoryoshka Dish

You will be healed by the warm and gentle expression.

Mayorshka painting plate

This is a sleepy face

artist matryoshka dish

The painting is such that Sawako-san's gentle personality comes out as it is.
It is attractive that no two are the same as each one is hand-painted.

I look forward to seeing more wonderful works from you both!
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take this time.

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