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A warm and adorable small pot chopstick rest that will make you smile. We spoke to Naoko Ikemoto, who makes pottery in Tokyo.

Naoko Ikemoto's pot chopstick rest

Ms Ikemoto was born in Saitama Prefecture. She decided to major in ceramics at Musashino Art University because she wanted to learn how to make something, which is what led her to become involved in ceramics.

``I didn't have much of an attachment to pottery from the beginning, but I just happened to be in an environment that allowed me to continue doing it.I guess I got used to it after doing pottery every day in my early twenties. ...It's really just a natural flow (lol),'' says Ikemoto, who has a natural and natural demeanor .

Currently, she runs a pottery class ``Konpeitou'' in Nishitokyo City. The classroom is a very bright and comfortable space. While teaching many students here, she also creates her own works.

Konpei pottery

It is produced using various firing methods such as reduction, oxidation, and carbonization in a partner kiln.
Naoko Ikemoto's kiln

This adorable little pot chopstick rest was created based on the idea that ``It would be fun if you could use your favorite enamel pot or a large earthenware pot miniature with your own design to hold chopsticks and use it to hold seasonings and condiments .'' Tachi. It is created with the aim of creating something that is easy to use at the everyday table.

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Naoko Ikemoto's chopstick rest mail order

The chopstick rest of the mini pot is made of heat-resistant clay, just like a real clay pot, so it can be used in the oven or over an open flame. You can also put the sauce etc. in the oven as is! Ms Ikemoto also makes homemade seasonings such as lemon salt sauce for yakiniku, sauces, and dips.

Naoko Ikemoto's clay pot chopstick rest


I was advised that since it tends to burn over open flames or in the oven, boiling it in a pot with baking soda will make it easier to remove. However, it may not all fall. Like a real earthenware pot, the flavor will come out as you use it, so I hope you enjoy watching it change over time.

(Ceramics have more gaps in the soil than porcelain, so oil and other dirt can get into those holes and cause stains. * By sealing the holes, the holes in the soil will be filled and dirt will not get stuck.) Masu.

Advice from Ms Ikemoto: When using it for the first time (without using detergent), it is a good idea to boil it in rice water and let it cool down naturally. ) *Depending on the artist or the work, a seal may not be necessary. Please refer to each product page for the products available at our store.

Naoko Ikemoto chopstick rest online sale

It's great for taking a break and taking a break.
Add sugar and lemon slices... The excitement you get when you open the lid is irresistible!

Naoko Ikemoto's mini pot chopstick rest

It will also be a great way to have a lively conversation with your family and friends.

Ms. Ikemoto, thank you for your time. I'm looking forward to more wonderful works in the futhure.

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Naoko Ikemoto's chopstick rest mail order

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