[Visit to the workshop] The charm of kneaded vessels Hanako Sakashita

(Updated February 28, 2022)

Hanako Sakashita, who is making pottery in Mashiko. The pottery is made with a rare technique called "kneading". We asked him about the production process.

After graduating from Musashino Art University, Mr. Sakashita, who was born in Tokyo,
studied pottery at the Aichi Prefectural Ceramics Technical College. After gaining experience at a pottery in Mashiko Town, he became independent in 2010 and set up a workshop in Mashiko. Mr. Sakashita has a warm and gentle atmosphere when I talk to him, but he learned the technique of kneading by looking at books, etc., and learned it almost on his own.

Check bowl by Hanako Sakashita

“There is a very kind book (which describes how to make kneaded dough). I used it as a reference. ...But I feel like I'm going to give it a try," said Mr. Sakashita.

Various patterns are expressed by combining potter's clay with various colors.

Hanako Sakashita's Kneaded Vessel

Even if you want to make it, you can't draw the pattern as you want, and you have a hard time. Even if you think, "Well done!", since the degree of shrinkage of various pottery clays that are combined is different, it is said that if it does not go well after firing in the kiln, it often breaks. The one and only item is made by repeating trial and error. There is no two of each, it is exactly one-of-a-kind.

We were just preparing the fabric for the brick mug that we will be handling at our store.
Hanako Sakashita Mug Cup Mail Order

When baked, it becomes a gentle color.

Mug brick pattern yellow x blue x brown
Hanako Sakashita tile mug online sale

The tasteful pattern on the back is also attractive.
Hanako Sakashita mug mail order

Then, the prepared dough is put into a mold and produced.
It seems that this model is also handmade one by one.

Hanako Sakashita's Kneaded Vessel

Well, here is the introduction of the handling works!

A popular square dish.
There are two types: a striped pattern with a slightly glossy feel and a checkered pattern with a matte texture.

Square Plate Striped Pattern Yellow x Light Purple
Square plate, striped pattern, turquoise x bright yellow
Hanako Sakashita's square plate mail order
Bread plate by Hanako Sakashita

Square plate lattice pattern gray

Square Plate Lattice Pattern Indigo

Bread plate by Hanako Sakashita

Many of Ms. Sakashita's works have pale, slightly dull, and calming tones that are reminiscent of ancient Japanese colors. It is a style that gives a warm impression as well as a sophisticated design.

A four-sided plate made by Hanako Sakashita that makes the table bright and fun.

We also have very cute gingham check and plaid bowls in stock!

* “Brown” is the same color of soil, but there are darker colors, and the darker one is gingham check “dark brown”, and we have prepared a separate product page for “brown”. The color of hand-made pottery changes depending on how it is baked and various conditions. I hope you enjoy the encounters that change with the timing. Each one is wonderful, so please take a look.

Square Bowl Lattice Pattern Indigo
Square bowl gingham check (brown)

Hanako Sakashita Square Bowl
Hanako Sakashita check bowl mail order

This is a slightly darker "dark brown".

Square bowl, gingham check, dark brown

Hanako Sakashita's gingham check square bowl

The calm color and texture make it easy to match with a variety of dishes, making it easy to coordinate. Of course, even if you match it with the same pattern, it will be fashionable. Just thinking about which one to match will make you excited!

Hanako Sakashita check plate mail order

"Green" is a new arrival!

Square Bowl Gingham Check Green
Hanako Sakashita angle bowl green mail order

There are no mugs in the world that are the same, so there are only items that you want to enjoy the individual differences.

Mug cup striped pattern pink x light blue x gray
Hanako Sakashita's Ping Stripe Mug Mail Order

The striped pattern is cute! There are also different colors.

Mug cup striped pattern light blue x pink x gray
Hanako Sakashita mug mail order

Mug vertical striped blue x gray
Mug vertical striped pattern Turkish blue x bright yellow
Mug by Hanako Sakashita

Mug (shiny) horizontal striped blue x green
Mug (shiny) horizontal striped pink x blue
Mug cup (mat) horizontal striped pattern|Pink x blue
Mug with nice kneading by Hanako Sakashita

"Uzura-te" is named for its resemblance to the feathers of a quail. It is one of the traditional kneading techniques. The yellowish-gray flax and bluish sky-blue colors are used to create stylish yet warm items using traditional techniques.

Round Bowl Quail Pattern Brown x Gray

Hanako Sakashita

Round Plate Quail Pattern Brown x Dark Brown
Hanako Sakashita online sales
Hanako Sakashita's quail hand vessel

Round Plate Mosaic Pattern Yellow x Blue
Hanako Sakashita Net Shop
Hanako Sakashita dish mail order

Kneading, which is said to be difficult to make, is easy to lose in production. "I'm just not very good at it," says Mr. Sakashita with a soft smile, but I'm sure he's a very hard-working and determined person.

The back has a texture that makes the most of the base material. Because it is not glazed, it is a little easier to get dirty. As with all pottery, wash immediately after use and dry well before storing. I was advised.

Mr. Sakashita, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule.
Looking forward to seeing you again!

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Hanako Sakashita's beautifully kneaded pottery
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