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It is an introduction of Mashiko's pottery, Wakasama Pottery.
I also visited the workshop, so I will report on the situation there as well.

First of all, here is the information about the products we handle!

The French lace series, which is very popular in our store, was inspired by French antique lace.

Wakasama Ceramics French and Garden Series

The lace pattern is uneven, and the engraving shows a variety of expressions depending on the glaze and the degree of baking. One of the pleasures of hand-made “your own vessel” is that no one is the same. White (matte white) has a pure white moist finish reminiscent of European gypsum. The baked color here and there gives an impression of elegance.

Wakasama pottery French lace mail order
Wakasama pottery French lace white

A long square plate that comes in handy as a single plate or a large dish. You can't help but feel the cute appearance!

Wakasama pottery French lace white mail order
Wakasama pottery lace white plate mail order

Soup cups can be neatly stacked when stored, so they are also good for "showable storage".

Wakasama pottery French lace soup cup

There is also gray in different colors.

Depending on the lighting conditions, the color changes from dark green to light gray. Although it is new, it has an antique look. The large square plate (27 cm) can be used for a variety of purposes, such as appetizer plates for parties and Temari sushi.

Wakasama pottery gray long plate mail order
Wakasama pottery gray long plate mail order

The platter (large size) is perfect for main dishes and side dishes. The middle plate (M size) can be used as a dessert plate or a serving plate.

Wakasama pottery French lace
Wakasama Pottery French Green

Top with fresh fruit. The beautiful lace pattern makes the food even more attractive.

Wakasama Ceramic French Lace Plate Gray

A frill series with a soft impression.
The fine penetration and subdued green color created by the shrinkage of the glaze during firing are elegant. Wakasama Pottery's pottery can be used without hesitation in dishwashers and microwave ovens. Make handmade pottery a pleasure in your everyday life.

Wakasama pottery ruffled dish that gracefully decorates the dining table

The garden series, where desserts and cakes are more cute and stand out, gently retains the warmth of handmade products.

Wakasama pottery French lace white sale
Wakasama pottery garden dish mail order


I disturbed the workshop

“Wakasama Pottery”, which has a studio in Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture, is a potter This is a workshop created by Kengo Wakabayashi . The other day, I visited the workshop in Mashiko for a little while.

Wakasama pottery

Our studio and office are located in the Osawa district of Mashiko, which is rich in nature.
The building with the triangular roof below is said to be the dormitory for the apprentices.

Wakasama pottery

It was a really hot day when I visited, but the craftsmen were working hard to make the plates. The works were bathed in the light of the sun and seemed to be comfortable. Sunbathing on the roof! It's a relaxing sight.

Wakasama pottery

The large kiln is an electric kiln. Although the scale is not small in the Mashiko ware workshop, the works are carefully made with a wonderful hand-made texture.

Wakasama pottery

"Come to think of it, I always used this plate for my mother's rice..."
We aim to create such a vessel that exists as a supporting role in the warm memories of the family...that becomes a "receptacle" of memories as it is used.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take this time!

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