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I visited the workshop of Naoko Yoshimura, who creates pottery using a technique called "scraping".

I visited Naoko Yoshimura's workshop

Ms. Yoshimura's workshop is located in Iga City, Mie Prefecture, in the middle of a relaxing rural landscape. It seems that the studio and home that have been renovated from an old private house that has been around for about 100 years have been remodeled with the husband  who is also a potter, and just moved in July 2020.

Approach to the workshop Tension rises!

Iga writer Naoko Yoshimura
Naoko Yoshimura's workshop

A wonderful workshop that makes good use of the floor plan of a Japanese house. The bright sunlight pours in through the wide windows, creating a relaxing space where you can feel nature even in the room.

This place used to be the tokonoma
Inside Naoko Yoshimura's workshop

The trace of the height record of the family who lived before is also left as it is. You can feel the love of Mr. Yoshimura for the old private house.

Inside Naoko Yoshimura's pottery studio

Since he was born in Iga, a pottery production area, he was in an environment where people around him were making pottery normally, and it seems that he did not have the image of working for a company from a young age. There was no sense of incongruity in making a living by selling the things I made, and at Osaka University of Arts, I was given the opportunity to study pottery, and naturally followed the path of a creator. From what you said, it was clear that he really liked making things since he could remember, and that he has always enjoyed creating things without changing it as a matter of course.

“Scratching off” is a technique of applying indigo-colored soil and scratching it with a needle-like tool. Ms. Yoshimura draws his own world with this technique.

Naoko Yoshimura's pottery
Naoko Yoshimura's 8 inch flat plate

“I want to express the atmosphere of Choju Giga and Japanese folktales,” says Yoshimura with a soft smile. Certainly, it creates an atmosphere like the "Japanese folk tales" that I saw on TV when I was little. The animals are drawn with attention to their expressions and movements, and when you slowly look at each black and white cutout -like pattern, you will have the pleasure of imagining a story inside the container.

Naoko Yoshimura's Monkey Vessel
Naoko Yoshimura's Bird Vessel

Using Shigaraki porcelain clay, the base is a cream color rather than pure white. No makeup soil is applied to the surface, and the color of the base is adjusted to a slightly warm milky white by the baking method. It is characterized by the dark Gosu color painting. The work is semi-porcelain. The tableware is slightly stronger than pottery, so you can use it on your daily dining table without hesitation.
Oval plate by Naoko Yoshimura
Naoko Yoshimura oval plate mail order

It looks gorgeous for home parties and special occasions!

Naoko Yoshimura's pottery mail order
Plate by Naoko Yoshimura

Since I visited the workshop in early December, the wood-burning stove was also very active. It was a gentle and warm workshop that reflected the peaceful atmosphere of the two.

Naoko Yoshimura's workshop
Inside Naoko Yoshimura's workshop

She works together with her husband Mitsunori as "Kobo naomitu pottery ". I also visited the old private house next to the workshop, and I could feel the taste of Ms. Yoshimura and her husband everywhere, such as stylishly renovating the old door that was inherited from the house that was scheduled to be demolished. was given. And it's all very comfortable. It was a relaxing space that made me think, "I want to live in a house like this!" (Sorry for staying so long when you're busy!)

The items I ordered this time have arrived! We have more new friends, so please take a look.


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Containers by Naoko Yoshimura

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