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When I first saw Ms. Ito's moegi-colored round plates, I was struck by how tasteful the dishes are, with the colors and textures that make you feel the breath of nature. . And the writing on ito's Instagram. It is impressive that the events in daily life that are a little ``dark'' are spelled out in a poetic way. I visited a workshop in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture to meet the person who makes such wonderful things, and also to say goodbye to the business.

Mr. Ito said, "Since the workshop is along the national highway, I will be standing in front of the road at that time." Despite this, the shop owner went down the street with the help of the car navigation system.....sweat

Visit to Yutaka Ito's workshop
Scenery from Yutaka Ito's workshop

But even though I had never been there before, I found myself strangely nostalgic for the mountains, the single-track train tracks, and the tranquil scenery of the Toki River. I was a little lost, but it's a place where I'm glad I was able to see this scenery.

When Mr. Ito worked at a Western tableware company, he liked miscellaneous goods and antiques and visited various shops.

“I guess he was looking for something he wanted to do. Since my hometown was a production area, I had the opportunity to talk with artists, so I began to be interested in making and selling it myself.”

Learned at the Aichi Prefectural High Technical College of Ceramics with the intention of becoming a full-fledged pottery artist. And when you are gaining experience at the pottery after completing the course, you will come across the property of this studio.

Inside Yutaka Ito's workshop

The place, which used to be a futon factory, is a two-story building with a gallery-like space filled with soft, gentle light and a spacious work space. It seems that he has slowly remodeled himself and is now at a point where he has fallen quite a bit.

Yutaka Ito's studio work space
I visited Yutaka Ito's workshop

Old furniture and other items collected by Ms. Ito, who loves antiques, are placed here.

Yutaka Ito's workshop in Gifu
Studio of Yutaka Ito, a writer from Mizunami City

It hasn't been decided specifically yet, but it seems that he wants to do something with this space someday. I imagine that it will surely be a wonderful space.

Yutaka Ito's studio space

It seems that the kiln is fired almost every day. Even for our rambling questions , we carefully select the appropriate words and answer them one by one.

"I'm making prototypes , making and trying, trying and making... I think that kind of thing suits me as a daily pace. When I started out, I was mentally tough and couldn't make it," says Ito.

I thought that such a sensitive inner world was created to touch people's heartstrings. When you look at it, when you touch it, when you use it... it's a vessel that makes you feel strangely different emotions.

When I asked, "What is important to you when creating?"

Hmm, that's right... After thinking for a while,

“First of all, I think it’s about having fun making it yourself. I hope that the people who use it will have new sensations that they themselves didn’t realize, or what they like. However, there are differences in life values, the amount of food eaten, lifestyle styles, and things that can be saved.I hope that you will find something in my work that resonates with you.It is difficult to put into words. ..." was the answer.

The tasteful expression and baked color are fired using a kerosene kiln.

Yutaka Ito's kerosene kiln

When I visited the new kiln, it was said that it was being prepared.

Yutaka Ito's new kerosene kiln

He used to work for a Western tableware company, so even Japanese tableware is made based on the shape of Western tableware. It is almost made on a potter's wheel.

Yutaka Ito's 7.5 inch plate

Moegi with masculine strength. Coarse Toki soil is used to retain the rough texture of the earth and express the individuality of the iron powder. Because the particles of the soil are large, it is difficult to handle when making it, and it takes time and effort, but you can feel the taste very much. The indescribable color of grass, the color of Moegi, is said to be the original color of the soil.

Yutaka Ito's Moegi 5.5 inch
Mr. Yutaka Ito's moegi cut bowl

Kobiki, which has a gentle texture, wanted to create a counterpart to Moegi, which has a more earthy feel.
The same soil as Moegi is applied with dressing. It gives a warm and soft impression.

Yutaka Ito's Kobiki Hanoshigi

The ho is pretty and graceful.

Yutaka Ito flower bowl
Cut bowl by Yutaka Ito

Mr. Ito's pottery has a charm that makes the food lively.

One plate by Yutaka Ito
21 cm round plate by Yutaka Ito

On the way home, Nyanko-chan came to say hello, maybe because she was worried about Mr. Ito!

Yutaka Ito's Nyanko

New kilns have begun to be tested, and I think they will continue to produce wonderful works. I'm looking forward to it! (Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to bother me.)

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