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Cup rabbit|Katsuko Kondo


Cup rabbit|Katsuko Kondo

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Warm and fun dishes

I come up with ideas for things I would like to make in my daily life, or I remember things I see in my daily life that catch my eye. I barely sketch anything, but instead think about vague images and move my hands to create adorable little girls and animals. These are dishes that exude a warmth that makes you feel as if you are wrapped in kindness.

Kondo Kazuko's Rolled Cup Rabbit

Adorable animals

The adorable rabbit seems to be staring right at you . You will be enchanted by the gentle world view that makes you feel like you are back in your childhood .

Kondo Kazuko's Rolled Cup Rabbit

This rolled cup is made by rolling and gluing flattened clay. The rolled part fits snugly in your fingers, making it very easy to hold.

Kondo Kazuko's Rolled Cup Rabbit
The bunny with a sulky mouth is heartwarming and soothing. You'll want to keep it on hand at all times to relax or to accompany you while doing desk work.

Kondo Kazuko's Rolled Cup Rabbit

Because each piece is handmade, there are individual differences in color, shape, thickness, size, weight, uneven glaze, glaze pools, patterns, designs, and expressions. Also, there may be differences in the amount of glaze applied, crazing, pinholes, or iron powder (black spots), but this does not affect the use of the item. Please enjoy the unique expressions that can only be achieved by handmade items. You cannot choose which item you will receive, but we hope you will look forward to receiving it. If you are interested, please contact us before shipping and we will email you a photo separately.

◆◆ List of dishes by Kazuko Kondo ◆◆

Product Details

Producing area Japan
material Pottery

Caliber: Approx. 7.2-8.3cm
Height: Approx. 7.7-9cm
Weight: Approx. 224-253g
Capacity: Approx. 200ml (80%)


Microwave: No
Dishwasher: △ (Hand washing is recommended)
Oven: Not allowed Direct flame: No

Kazuko KONDO
Resides in Osaka Prefecture
Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, majoring in ceramics

Recommended care methods and precautions from Kazuko Kondo
〇 Cups have already been treated so no need to seal. If you are concerned about other items, we recommend sealing them before use. 〇 When using white matte glaze items for the first time, dark colors such as coffee and soy sauce may stain them easily, so we recommend soaking them in water for a few hours before use. 〇 After use, wash as soon as possible and dry thoroughly. 〇 As you use it, the color will seep into the crazing and surface, and it may seem dirty, but we hope you will enjoy the changes over time that are a characteristic of pottery.

Understanding of "Utsuwa"
*Because each piece is handmade, there will be individual differences in color, shape, pattern, size, thickness, weight, etc. Also, even with the same glaze and clay, there will be unevenness in color and shading.
*Each piece is hand painted, so the expression may vary.
Depending on the product, small holes, small black spots, scratches, protrusions, pinholes, rattling, and distortions may be found due to the manufacturing process.
*We process the product images to make them as close to the actual colors as possible, but the colors and textures may appear different depending on the display screen of your computer or smartphone.
*In addition to inspection by the manufacturer, kiln, and artist, we only deliver products that have passed final inspection at our store.
*The product photos are sample shots, so the items you receive will not be identical in every detail.
* We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience. Please understand and agree before making a purchase.
We hope you enjoy the unique "flavor" and "interestingness" that can only come from something handmade, not mass-produced in a factory!

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